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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, May 13, 2021.

  1. Hello nofappers,happy eid, i am a 17 year old boy that was addicted to porn for years and today i am on day 91 with great benefits , my story is long i don’t want post all now anyway i was watching porn since 2013/2014 i had and addicted from 2016 to 2020/21 so first time i did nofap that time i didn’t hear about nofap community it was june 2020 a day i relapsed for 3rd time and i felt very very low energy i was relapsing 4/5 times somedays in week 3/4 days and that day on june i remember it was 4th of june i did nofap for 10 days and relapsed then just did 10 days until on 16/july i started new 10 days streak and on 21 july i searched how to stop masturbation i think on quora i found a post he said join nofap community and do streaks to stop porn/masturbation but when i opened this site and created account i opened success stories and looked a 45 days success story wooow i amazed i never know i why i am depressed,i can’t make eye contact,i am very handsome but no girls want to be with me ,respectless, low energy , failing , angry ,no motivation , and a-lot of bad affects but when i read that story he said i can make eye and all benefits of nofap i really amazed i decided to stop fapping and don’t fap anymore i continued my streak from 16/july first 20 days i have no benefits just after day 21 i felt i am full of energy i never felt that energy in my life wow on day and i continued to day 40 i was very attractive all girls in park was looking at me it was good feeling anyway on day 43 i relapsed and i did another time 30 days but i relapsed while wet wet dream i thought wet dream is relapse i continued like this every 30/40 days when i had a wet dream i relapsed after that on 10th of february i asked many high-streak nofappers they said it isn’t relapse on that day i started again i have few benefits at this moment because of a-lot wet dreams but after 3/4 days of wet dream my benefits come back my benefits now
    -more attractive
    -more energy
    -full of motivation
    -my eyes are most attractive
    -einstein brain mean my brain is more opened can more focus
    -respected by all people
    -business ideas there are few people on world at my age work for money or make it but i am still making it from day i started nofap
    -i feel clearer and feel like an angel
    -i am very comfortable i have no back pain or heavy brain and i can smile all time
    -new ideas
    and many more benefits
    anyway that is my story i failed a-lot in last 3/4 years in my life i felt a lot shame ,sry for my english
    i will continue my streak to +500 days my no porn streak now is 200 days i feel like a superhero
    i started cold showers again it makes me much better and i decided to stop using mobile 10 hours a day really all i use for my business and studying but i try to less use it
    bye my friends if anyone can’t survive his streak msg me i will help him but please don’t be a slave to your emotions don’t let ur brain trick u for more dopamine
    i forgot to say i had 9 wet dreams in this streak
  2. JustLeave07

    JustLeave07 Fapstronaut

    I will be 17 in this month. I struggle to cross 6-7 days mark in every NoFap streak , even my longest streak is just 8 days which I got twice in last month , I need some guidance about it . On my 8th day My mind starts craving badly and the chronology is like this
    1:> Just search for that 18+ Web series on google , no problem nothing will happen
    2:> Okay just click on images tab only once and then return back.
    And you know when a porn addict sees the triggering images , its all over , then I rush straight to VPN and then google and then all those sites,


    Just need a few tips, I am on day 8 in Porn streak and day 1 in masturbation streak........
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  3. desisodier

    desisodier Fapstronaut

    Brother, at first you will have to make a firm decision.You will have to willing to do everything to sacrifice and everything to do to eliminate pmo from your life.WE ALL ARE HERE TO HELP EACH OTHER.

    Here are some tips that will help you:

    starting up:

    1.Firstly, Calm down man. You are addicted to PMO that doesn't mean you are an evil person.Though it was pleasure at first but now you know that thing gives you pain and depression than pleasure. You definitely have some good qualities in you I believe or else you wouldn't have joined this forum.

    As Earnest Hemingway says,"You may have many problems in life but train yourself not to worry.Worry fixes nothing."

    1.Secondly, Go to a calm place alone, sit down and write down on a piece of paper(its better to write in a personal diary) WHY YOU WANNA START NOFAP. Trust me you will forget as time passes. Write down plenty of reasons. Commit to them, feel them with your heart.(some examples are-I truely never wanna be in depression and anxiety, I want a bright career, I want to love my dear ones, I wanna have high mental clearity, spirituality,Iam sick of hating myself etc....)

    2.Thirdly,fix prorities in life. What is your present situation now and how can you improve some aspects in your life that you really care about(like if you wanna improve your studying, fix a study method and routine. If you wanna improve your relationship with your loved ones buy them gifts , spend time with them etc.).Then take ONE STEP AT A TIME!! JUST DO IT! Don't overthink. keep fixing small trials like I am gonna stay away from PMO this 3 hours, I am gonna focus on my study now.Then you give yourself a reward after completing that trial. Then prepare for a next trial.

    3.Always plan your day.

    4.If you get the urges ,discomfort yourself by doing 100 push ups/sit ups/mountain climber/TAKE COLD SHOWERS.Or you can engage yourself by talking to someone.If bad thoughts overcome your head, you immediately have to switch your place of position.

    5. Identify your triggers.Quit watching movies,Delete instragram (as they often show u these softcore clevage and you get triggerd).there could be more(like loneliness, unproductivity etc.)Once you identify them, you have to try to avoid them.

    Brain Chemicals:

    These tips will help u to boost up the chemicals in your brain that are essential in the process of recovey:

    1. Endorphines: this hormone blocks the tension pathway in your brain and gives you a happy feeling. Thats why this hormone is called HAPPY HORMONE. It is only released when you exercise. I would highly recommend you to get yourself admitted into a gym and do exercise with other people. EVERYDAY EXERCISE IS A MUST TO IMPROVE THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS IN YOU.

    2. SERETONIN: Its imbalance in brain causes fatigues and depression. You can increase by it by keeping yourself atleast 10 min. in the sun.plus commemoring good events of your life increases seretonin

    3.OXYTOCINE: It is called love hormones. Express love for your dear ones, Be grateful to yourself, sometimes laugh and just smile, walking with a friend etc. helps to increase this hormone.

    P.S:If you are suffering from a chronic depression ask help of psychiatrists. He can prescribe you SSIR anti-depressants as well as psychotherapy to remove depression and anxiety.

    ALL it takes is the right support and strong determination.Do self-talk a lot in the mirror everyday.

    Some extra tips that really helps:

    1.Share this problem with somone who is very close to you, who understands you.Its better not to share with the opposite sex. BELEIVE ME YOU HAVE TO DO IT. YOU HAVE ALWAYS FOUGHT ALONE AND NEVER SUCCEDED. So why won't you take a meaningful step this time?


    RELAPSES ARE EXPECTED TO OCCUR.They happen in the journey of recovery. But I AM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD RELAPSE. if a relapse occur, take a step back and ask yourself-why did this happen?Next time how am i gonna stay away from it?

    I hope this writting helps.
  4. Moatasem

    Moatasem Fapstronaut

    Look, I'm exactly the same as you, on the 7th/8th dayish I used to relapse every time, you want to know how I passed this mark and reached day 10 in the past?
    Here's what I did, every time I got an urge, I go take a freezing cold shower, cold showers are extremely helpful, don't underestimate them, at first it might be hard to adjust to them and the cold will be unbearable, but as time goes by, you'll adjust to them, these showers give your balls a cold shock and your body is freezing so that you don't relapse, you can even breathe 10 times slowly, do something else with your time, listen to lofi music, code, draw, video game, study, learn new languages, do 20 pushups whenever you get an urge, if you want to destress, use exercise as an alternative, exercise has been shown to release endorphins which make you feel good after sports, as a person who played basketball for years, I can tell you sports are worth giving a shot, or if you are constrained at home and can't play sports, you can still do situps, pushups, squats and many other things whenever you get an urge.
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  5. Different Built

    Different Built Fapstronaut

    The greatest thing about NoFap is that after awhile you stop thinking terrible thoughts and feel pure like a little kid again
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  6. You are a freakin' AWESOME DUDE! Well done! Fulfill those goals!
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  7. exactly
  8. have more like 180 days 360 days
    and i will never ever stop
    i will hit 500
  9. in fact now i don’t need these advices because i already passed that level for times , thank uu
  10. at first tome i did i was 16.5 years opd first streak went over 43 days u know at this age (teenage) people and all of us we are very interested in knowing new people or if we interest being attracted by people that around us and most of girls for boy
    so on day 40 i was attractive
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  11. well done mate i always work without plan
  12. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    That's excellent advice. You have the ingredients here to have a long period without any masturbation or porn. Good luck!
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  13. I'M DC

    I'M DC Fapstronaut

    Brother You are awesome. This is what I need to achieve.Thank u for sharing and advices.
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  14. FrenchOliver

    FrenchOliver Fapstronaut

  15. welcome brother i can share always now my goal is 180 days and big one is 500 days i am sure i can achieve because sometimes i get really high woods/urdes but i can control it
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  16. thxx

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