90 Days Hard Mode from a Bodybuilder.

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    So I have made it. The longest streak I’ve ever done on hard mode - No PMO. I haven’t posted on here for a while but just wanted to tell you of my experience hopefully to give you hope and motivation to keep going on this journey.

    A little bit about my addiction:

    I started looking at adult photos on the internet from 13 and above. I would run home from school and PMO most days. With a turbulent home life I used this as an escape which progressed through out my life. Over the last 5 years (I’m 29 now) my use has escalated. Not just watching videos but also hours of cyber s-x and edging. This would sometimes last all day with me barely eating. This habit affected my relationships with friends but mostly romantic partners - be it in bed or my loss of attraction to them. Looking back it had such a damaging effect. Not just with my relationships with others but also my psyche, presenting as depression and low self esteem.

    The last two years I have tried to accomplish some streaks but usually went back to my old habits. So I want to tell you what changed this time -

    1. Firstly I deleted Instagram and Facebook from my phone. I still have Messenger on my phone but social media was a way I would act out. P for me includes using cyber s-x on social media and dating apps. Getting rid of them was a huge relief and weight off my shoulders.
    2. Having accountability partners who I met through nofap.com. They have been hugely helpful and made such a difference. Being able to check in every day and not feeling alone on this journey is HUGE.
    3. Instilling daily habits. Two crucial ones which I think everyone should use is at least ten minutes of meditation a day and journalling at the end of each day. This allowed me to have the strength to stop PMO and also deal with my feelings and thoughts. I haven’t gone through a day without doing these two.

    Differences I have noticed, good and bad:

    Lots of NoFap content talks of super powers. For me it has all been a much more subtle growth. As we all know the last few months in the world have been crazy and hard. I have had difficulties living back at home while doing NoFap. Which has made it even more impressive to myself that I was able to complete 90 days.

    1. I’ve been able to reflect on my addiction and understand it is not an action I want in my life. It doesn’t match up with the man I want to be.
    2. For the first 60 days I would say I had a flat line which resulted in extreme mood shifts and no libido or morning wood etc.
    3. I have much more energy and have been making huge gains at gym. Nearly 100kg (220lb) which I am very proud of at 5'10 height. Love my muscle growth.
    4. As mentioned before I have really become more comfortable in my skin. Knowing what I want in myself and what kind of man I want to be. I have much more confidence. With less shame around this addiction.
    5. Physically - skin has become clearer, eyes more awake and alive, a lot of sexual energy (including insane morning wood) which I have been channeling into my hobbies and life. Saw a photo of myself now and 4 months back and the difference in my face is insane. Look so much more alive with vitality now.
    6. Emotions have been all over the place. Still on the road to recovery on this one. Some amazing days and some really down and horrible ones. I now however deal with my emotions LIKE A MAN not a boy. I don’t run to PMO. I meditate, journal, chat to friends. Deal with them in a healthy constructive way.
    7. More time - I have read 13 books in the last 3 months, am learning Spanish, reconnecting more with friends around the world, watching great films/documentaries.

    Also in the same category I have rekindled my love for music and books. Finding the healthy things that give me dopamine hits other than PMO.

    8. This is a strange one but now I have no shame with letting someone use my computer or phone. Before it was filled with photos and messages of illicit embarrassing material. Nice to be able to not worry about that.

    There are a lot more I’m sure I could think of but in general just very proud of my progress and excited to keep going on this journey.

    So in summary I just want to give you some tips of what helped me.

    • Reading as much as I could on P addiction and NoFap- Noah E Church, Universal Man, Gabe Deem - all amazing resources.

    • Having accountability partners/friends to talk with and contact when urges come.

    • Daily healthy habits.

    • A strong intention or rule which if broken means you/I have relapsed. Mine has been to not use or search for any digital sexual stimulation. Anything in the sexual realm will only happen in real life - through dating and real partner sex.

    • Having hope and faith it will get better. Even on the days from hell.

    • Taking stock of the man you want to be.

    • EXERCISE. I love lifting weights and getting big. But find what works for you and brings you joy.

    • MEDITATION - This will help profoundly when urges come around.

    I really hope this post has given you hope and some more tools. If I can do it during this emotionally intense and traumatic time you can! I will continue this journey. I’m saving this new found energy for things I love and will only use my sexual energy for REAL LIFE! Thank you all for your continued support and sharing! Keep up the fight! It is worth it!
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    Man, that's awersome!

    Congrats for real.

    You have been improving yourself throughout this months,

    The new habits and the self-improvement strive made the results.

    You should be proud of your will.

    Keep it bro!
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  3. Good job on hearing of your journey going well for you, very inspiring.
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    Congratulations! Your success is truly a dose of inspiration that I need right now. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. This is great news. I am starting a new streak and investing all of the pent up energy into my home workouts and fitness. Hope so see some serious gains as you have.
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    I am SO proud of you
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    Wow that's an impressive weight!
    Congrats on your streak too, very inspiring! ;)
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  8. sweetbro22

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    Thanks for all the kind messages! Glad I can inspire and help. While also keeping me on track!
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    Way to go bro. Any benefits in terms of attraction from women and/or more or better interactions? If you're 90 days clean and as ripped as you say you probably have women lining up to talk to you.
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    Man that's ridiculously cool. I totally totally agree with your opinions on journaling and meditation. I've been journaling for quite a few weeks now and just recently started meditation. Definitely game changers and I hope I'll be like you.

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    Haha not to sound too vain but had a bit before. But yeah man when I go to the mall or just out get a lot of people staring. And a lot more people talking to me. Men and women. My social anxiety has disappeared so makes it all much easier to chat.
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