90 Days Hard Mode Story.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by [email protected]#123, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. 4DCreator

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    Well done man !!! Glad to read this great post. I am trying to walk my path and I also have strong depression so I won't feel any flatline if I get into the stage of the flatline :D Very inspirational story. Hopefully, I will be writing a similar one in 87 days!!
  2. Ver
    Elaborately written. Very nice :)
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  3. dominate@#123

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    I'll be waiting for the post brother.
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  4. dominate@#123

    [email protected]#123 Fapstronaut

    I use Patanjali. But himalya is also good.
  5. Mattew

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    Agree with controlled aggression.

    Last saturday i was running in a secondary street, very strict street with a low speed limit, many people walking and running.
    This audi pass me, very near, at probably 100 km\h, with high voulume music and waving their hands out of the windows, and screaming something to me.

    Well, getting back from my running i saw a house with a lot of parked cars outside and loud music, i immediately decide to go there for those motherfuckers. I saw the audi, i rang the house bell, no answer, they were in the back partying. I get there called one of them, tell him to send me the audi owner at the entrance.
    After 5 mins 5 guys came there telling me the audi owner was at the gym, i told them that was bullshit and i was going to the police if the driver didn't came out to talk with me.
    So they make me their excuses, i told them that he driver was an idiot, that i thought one of them was the driver, and i explained them why he was an idiot, and i said ok, but still i was going to the police...

    Normally i wouldn't have done that, i was ready to talk calmly, but also to rip someone head off, or getting beaten, who knows, but anyway, NoFap make you stand up for yourself.
  6. Cool_Bro

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    Congratulations Bhai!!
    Your post is incredible. I am very happy for you and all others here who are constantly regaining control over their lives. It's feel good reading your story. Keep going !! ;)
  7. Son of shiva

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    While reading your post it appeared to me as I am reading my own story.i have also gone through the severe depression in last 2-3 years but finally I realised my mistake and left this nasty habit of pmo now I am 115 days pmo free and life is much better and in control now.
  8. dominate@#123

    [email protected]#123 Fapstronaut

    awesome man great to have u here
  9. Courage & hard work pays off...
  10. Congrats [email protected]#123 for your 100 days. Keep going :)
    Hope to see your posts in our Super SUNDAY Challenge group.
  11. Very inspiring to read, i can relate so much! Very happy for you, keep on the straight path brother.
    After done so much research myself and from own experience, i know for sure nofap is the right path, and that pmo will totally harm a person on so many levels. Am so grateful to have got to know this, its a privilege to do nofap.
    Keep rocking guys !!!
  12. Coolyorky

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    Really well done mate!!! Do you still have pied?
  13. tdotLotLJ

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    33 Days is very good.

    You are right on schedule; flatlines are normal; and irritation is normal. (I did 89 days a few months ago -- was sort of like a walking time bomb, lol :)

    Try exercising, jogging, swimming, bicycling, working out; working hard at your job; 'games' see how fast
    you can take a shower, etc (whatever you like) try to 'harness' the energy for good; beneficial activities; assist others) to get rid of energy.
  14. dominate@#123

    [email protected]#123 Fapstronaut

    Thank you. Well I don't think I have it anymore. The first time I judged it was when I tried having intercourse with a female 1 year ago. But now I'm a strict celibate until I become Successful ( all thanks to nofap). So now the only time I'll find out truly that PIED had gone is when I'll get physical with my wife. Which is not gonna happen at least for some years.
  15. Suhail22

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    What an amazing post ! Applause ...Iam facing almost the same problems which u have said..Even I have committed to change my life for good by quitting this addiction..
  16. SirErnest

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    NoFap Defender

    I had 'just a little touch' recently, and although I didn't orgasm, I felt nervous about being in public late that day, as if there was danger everywhere and I couldn't defend myself. So, your mention of anxiety even when crossing the road is something I now understand, given that my general confidence is growing with nofap.
  17. oneaffidavit

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    Objectification of women is one thing which caught my attention

    Regarding Goals, we kind of share same mindset lol.

    Its the exact opposite of "Well see that loser guy who couldn't achieve anything in life, hence gave up on his goals"

    Here, its more like "Look at me, What if I don't achieve anything in life, nobody respects me or I don't get married etc."

    I want to lead a simple life but my insecurities and fear make me want to be ambitious. I really don't know how the fuck to handle this.
  18. ash_cloud

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    Hey while reading your story u felt like I was reading my story.

    Similar thing happened to me 3 years back. Had fapped one too many time and had depression. Family took me to a doctors when they saw me depressed and no energy and lethargic for long time. Doctors did all the tests, no issue found and referred me to psychiatrist. On hearing about my physical symptoms and issues after M and O, he told me that shouldn’t happen and there is a mental problem with me. Somehow I escaped these guys. Had to nofap for few days so I could come out of depression to satisfy my family.
  19. logician

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    My current streak is like yours..depression then progressing slowly. . Hope I get there ..
  20. congrats bhai for 100+ days. your post is awesome. can you tell how much it take to completly withdrawal symptoms gone?

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