90 days, how it feels.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, May 17, 2017.

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    Great update, man! Thanks for sharing. So cool to hear abt the positive changes you've experienced in your life so far, particularly the mental shifts of how you view P and the compassion you feel for the people involved.

    Glad to hear your hair is growing strong, ha. Are you exercising regularly? Has nofap changed anything on that front?

    Also, why do you dislike WDs now? About how often do you get them now? Your body needs to keep everything running smoothly down there, it's healthy for your prostate and all. It's not a moral, spiritual, or will power slip up. :)
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  2. So to answer the first question . Since i have quit PMO i have more energy/stamina! Noticed that during my regular activities.
    As for the second one , i dislike WD because I kinda feel weak afterwards, i feel like some power has been lost. The day after WD feels a bit strange.
  3. R.I.I.P.E.R

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    Thanks brother...just few days I promise will share my success story...again thanks for the motivation:)
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    I just fell back from 45 days :(

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