90 days -- My Story, and the 5 rules I implemented to get here

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Apr 13, 2018.

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    [QUOTE =“zig,post:1910886,member:77989”]绝对![/ QUOTE]
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    Excellent post!

    This addiction has a lot of layers for me. And to the point of not using filters I agree. My fight is against myself as much as anything else. The porn out here for the most part is about making money in one way or another so it’s designed to HOOK you and once it’s got you continue to add hooks then chains if you are addicted and millions of others are addicted the industry continues to make money. The porn industry on the consumer side is just a big drug pusher. Pushing dopemine to each of us with every click, magazine, movie and image, as we all know “sex sells”. We get addicted and they make the money. I have to kill the enemy of pursuing porn. It doesn’t matter if it’s one click away (which is the reality of the world we live in) or in my face through a link, someone else showing it to me or an add or some tempting click bait or even if it’s buried in a vault. I have to be able to deny myself enough to walk away and not pursuit the obvious seductive temptation that is always a reality. I have to grow and be healthy enough emotionally And mentally to walk away. I hope I can reach that goal and many other goals I have. I am on day 12 - It’s not easy for me but I have to retrain myself. And reset my brains dopemine levels and I believe also exercise some self discipline as I exercise self discipline I hope it becomes stritlike a muscle. We all have to do what works for us individually.

    Good luck to everyone!!
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    thanks for the post, man! loved it!!!
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  5. Good! Taking it from here. Thanks
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    You are great you are winner
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    I think this is very well explained and detailed. Thanks for the post.
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    Great post!

    How are you doing today, zig?

    What goals are you focused on?
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  10. Thanks man. Things have been damn good lately, right now most of my focus is on reading more. A book a week is the goal, but its pretty tough.
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    What types of books are you reading? Any recommendations?
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    Thank you so much, thank you.
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  13. If you're in to history then I recommend Edmund Morris' trilogy on Theodore Roosevelt. It was such a well done project but the first book is a masterpiece. Right now I'm reading Charles Nicholl's Flights of the Mind on Leonardo Da Vinci, it's really good so far. Tuesdays with Morrie is a short read I also recommend a lot. Lots of time to read these days it seems.
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