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90 Days no PMO complete, now what?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheJetDude44, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. TheJetDude44

    TheJetDude44 Fapstronaut

    I recently achieved the 90 day no PMO and am now lost as to what to do next. I ended the streak shortly after 90 days but feel like im in a flatline now. Hope it doesn't last too long but would like the communities input as to what to do next. I did this no PMO streak because I had PIED but now dont know where to go next? Should i try to have sex again, wait a bit, etc?? What are your thoughts as what rout to take?
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  2. RedPhoenix93

    RedPhoenix93 Fapstronaut

    My main goal is not 90 days, I am aiming to quit forever, what is your goal?
    I would say go get another 90 days, find someone to love and get in a relationship, I don't know what are you aiming for, but having sex is not pm, you should quit P and M, to achieve a good sexual life... That is my opinion.
    If I was you I would go for another 90 days..
    Good luck bro.
  3. Candeeiro

    Candeeiro Fapstronaut

    Great, now that you are getting better mentally, improve your fitness, get stronger, get a big back, cut if you are fat or gain weight if you are skinny.
    See if you have an haircut or beard style that suits you best. Buy clothing that fits better.
    Start playing guitar or improve your playing.
    If you are student, study with more frequency, get better grades.
    If you are single, starting dating and getting experience.

    Hugs ❤️
    Keep doing nofap.
  4. I started to look for my future wife through matrimony websites (after 90, however it wasn't planned). And went for my first ever date at 30 yrs of age, just few days back :) You can starting working on your career too. The time and energy which NoFap offers must be put into something useful.
    My goal is to get rid of this PMO addiction forever.
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  5. Dont be fooled by the numbers. If you finished 90 days of NoFap on Harm Mode, then try another 90 days of NoFap but instead of Hard Mode I will recommend Monk Mode to you. It should help reset the brain pathways associated with PMO, and if not it should weaken them.
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  6. laingolokichioko

    laingolokichioko Fapstronaut

    Wow that's admirable. 90 days!!
    Am on day one currently targeting 30 days. (am using dns filters on both my phone and computer to block porn). Wish me luck guys
  7. officer123

    officer123 Fapstronaut

    First of all, congratulations! That's really a great achievement!

    Please don't stop abstaining from porn (at least). There is no a magic number of days you should complete and then boom, you solved all the issues. It's not working that way. Instead, continue your no-PMO journey and start "rewiring". Rewiring means something like "starting to geet a feel for real life women and people in general". Your brain has probably recovered from porn (at least partially), but it still has to get used to real life touch, emotions, sex, etc. If we want to simplify things - it has "unlearned" porn, but now has to "learn" real life sex and sexuality. Have fun with your friends, ask a girl that you like out and don't worry too much if the sex isn't the best or you still can't get it up. It's a process.
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  8. TheJetDude44

    TheJetDude44 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the feedback brothers, much appreciated! I have been working on myself and keep on staying on the nofap lifestyle. I am working on my social life at the moment so I can meet more females. Ill take your guys advice and will start dating again I can tell with the abstinence its just nervousness stopping me from trying sex again. Would you guys recommend telling the partners your interested in about the NoFap thing or kinda just see what happens with the sexual encounters? Let me know your thoughts.
  9. TheJetDude44

    TheJetDude44 Fapstronaut

    My goal is to be able to have a sexual relationship but the PIED and the anxiety around it has made me reluctant to open up to someone. Any advice brother?
  10. thikk

    thikk Fapstronaut

    Hey, I had PIED too which I think could have been classified as severe. However, I had successful sex at day 91 (2 days ago). Everything just worked completely well. I was scared too because many people report long healing periods, but I have also realized that most of these people do not do a proper nofap if you actually ask. My streak was extremely clean, no pmo at all, no IG models or anything, basically if I had to rationalise an action or a preventive measure I knew I was on the wrong. Only issues were urges and thoughts, but those stopped by day 40 I think (for urges I would repeatedly ask myself "What is the point?" and then changed what I was doing, for thoughts I would count to 10 in my head while visualizing the numbers - after a while I could prevent both without this methods). Here's a summary of my experience - https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/90-day-pied-success-story.292988/#post-2766860
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  11. Nutella

    Nutella Fapstronaut

    What is monk mode?

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