90 days no pmo

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Nekkhamma, May 24, 2019.

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    Things are starting to settle in and settle down. The practices that have helped the most are:

    -Daily meditation. Mindfulness of the breath and body, some mantra, some loving-kindness (metta) meditation.

    -Posting on Nofap on a regular basis. Most days I’ll post something. It helps to keep the mind motivated and reminded that it’s just not worth it to indulge.

    -Regular exercise. Just ran a half marathon. Work out usually five times a week. Helps so much to get a natural high.

    -Helping others. I’m a member of a different 12 step program, but all the principles apply to porn addiction. I go to meetings and try to help others and have gone through the steps myself. I fee it’s a very beneficial internal housecleaning that helps us heal and face our pain and secrets, and to help us look the world in the eye again. I try to be helpful there and also in my family life, with friends, and with my community. Getting active and involved helping others helps ourselves.

    Since I’m single I’ve been going hard mode, and plan to continue on hard mode for the time being. It can be difficult, but I’ve found that it simplifies life and makes things so much easier. I’ll watch some movies and some shows with nudity from time to time, but I try to be mindful of not indulging in porn substitutes too much. It can be a slippery slope that is potentially hard to get off of.

    Taking it one day at a time, one urge at a time has been a key principle. If we are super inspired and say we’re going to quit forever, it can be a bit daunting at times, intimidating ourselves and pressuring ourselves. There can then be a tendency to beat ourselves up when we can’t hold that up. Taking one bit at a time is much more manageable and much more successful in my experience.

    The biggest benefit is the lack of shame and remorse. Also, the increased energy, increased confidence, and increased ability to deal with adversity and discomfort. So helpful in life.

    Good luck everyone in finding the determination and the tools that work for you! Keep going, keep coming back, and don’t EVER give up :)
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    Congratulations on 90 Big Days !!!!!!!
    And for the good advice too.
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  4. Congrats to your streak. Please always be aware of triggers. Done 60 days without PMO with a lot of yoga exercises until the day when the soft voice of the female yoga teacher triggers me to M. After that all barriers were broken for months.
    Good luck!
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    Very good post. Good job getting to the point you are at. I've found meditation to be a tremendous help as well along my path. Good for maintaining discipline and bringing clarity in general. Thanks for posting brotha.
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    Amigo! Yo también soy miembro de un grupo de 12 pasos, alanon. Tu de cual? Felicitaciones!

    Me gustaría poder realizar los 12 pasos aplicados a Nofap....
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    Congrats man, you did it. Thank you for posting such a motivational journey.
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    I hear you! Looked at some risqué pics, not nude, on social media and I have to be careful about that. One day at a time, one urge at a time, one breath at a time. I’ve been aware of the mind wanting to reward myself, but I’m holding firm, one day at a time. Thanks and good luck friend!
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    Thank you, how are you doing?!

    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    Doing good , i have failed , i keep failing , i found numerous way to fail , hope oneday i will exhaust all failing technique and will learn how to succeed .
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    I rarely get on this site. but congrats man. Im almost 90 days myself, most of the things you described pretty much nails my experience so far. the next step is getting rid of phones and limit internet use.
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  14. !!!10years!!!?!

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    wow, you are really helping your self to heal, it is inspiring, it is absolute reboot,
    good luck and congrats for your success, thank you for such an inspiring story
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