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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by NicoRobocop, Jan 8, 2017.

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    i can say that its the first time, from when I was 14th to have so long time without porn and masturbation, and I am proud of it! It's a big lifestyle change, and without the discovery of this site I couldn't be able to manage this big step in my life.
    The process of rebooting, has not finished yet, and will take some more time to clean my brain from the long time use of pornography.
    But in 90 days without Pmo, and after the first 60 in hardmode, I feel that I'm going in the right direction towards an healty mind.
    Of course this would be permanent in my life, and I can say that because I'm feeling the benefits of it. The benefits are in my behavior, in my mind and body:

    1)I can relate with people in a positive way, where I can use my energy to build rapport
    2)I have better thinking about me, my self esteem is going upper
    3)I deal better with my negative emotions and I'm more balanced with my self
    4) I feel more grounded to reality in general
    5) I can find solutions to problems in faster ways
    6) Im always hard in sex ( this is touchable change)
    7) I'm looking more for a real connection with opposite sex

    Of course this rebooting had also some negative sides ,that can be linked to the flatlines effects and symptoms that I've felt, and I'm also feeling sometimes. But if we want win we should try some pain.
    I'll post the next success story at 180 days, I'll let you know how is going!
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    Well done. That is the benefit of doing hard mode! ;)
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    Congrats! I just barely started my 90 day hard mode challenge and I'm motivated by your success! Thanks for sharing :) keep it up!
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    congratulations - that's awesome.

    i know what you must have been through. after a really tough year in 2017 with many relapses and major meltdowns with me and my partner i'm now at 30 days on hardmode and i feel strong. i have gotten over the hump though i imagine there will still be some big challenges and tests to come. it has been the biggest self development journey for me. To ensure i get through this i even engaged in private coaching with Mark Quepert from the Nofap academy which was the clincher to help me get through.

    good luck & stay true to your higher intentions.
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    Congratulations My Friend
  6. Amazing... I am postively jealous of you! It's amazing that you got so far!!!!!!! May you keep on going now!
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