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How often do you eat sugary foods?

  1. every day

    58 vote(s)
  2. 2-5 times a week

    29 vote(s)
  3. once a week

    7 vote(s)
  4. few times a month

    4 vote(s)
  5. once a month

    3 vote(s)
  6. almost never

    7 vote(s)
  1. Inkazak

    Inkazak Fapstronaut

    Another day down - had natural sugar from a banana - I’m ok with that.
  2. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

  3. I had great vacations but now it's time to come back, work on some things and start over.

    Day 0 - no sugar from now on
  4. 29/30 - food containing grain at most once per day
    22/30 - at most one small coffee per day
  5. You failed it! First day went terrifically wrong lol
    It shows how my mind is tuned on sugar-coffee-sugar-coffee and is being persistent, even with other plan "in mind". It just overlooks incoherence, finds funny excuses or forgets ...

    Tomorrow is another day! Zero additional sugar is probably too high a goal to aim at directly. But I'm optimistic of changing my diet for the better given some time.
  6. I read my old posts of this thread and decided for a modus operandi

    1. goal will be: no (added) sugar. But that's not realistic. Instead of streak - relapse - streak - relapse I better continue to report day after day, whatever happens.
    2. Points:
      • 0 = had sugar - a lot of sugar
      • 1 = had sugar but managed to confine it to a minimum
      • 3 = perfect! no added sugar
    3. Daily ritual to remind myself to stay away from porn, from sugar and so on
    4. No cheat days! Because cheat days maintain the idea that it's fun to eat sweets. I need the contrary mindset (sugar is not good for me and there's nothing special about sweets, I don't need them)! When cheating happens it happens, but I shouldn't plan for it.

    I do the same with coffee and alcohol. 1 point is one coffee (on a day), respectively one alcoholic drink.

    On a side note: I thought about what difference it makes if I eat sweets on my own or in a social context. Quite a difference I find! But that doesn't mean I must complicate the point system. It's good to mention the circumstances in a report but a lot of sugar from wedding cake stays a lot of sugar [0 points].
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  7. 49

    It's the same with me. If you leave sweets alone with me, they're not going to survive for long. In a more social context there may not be a problem.

    In which sense did you mean it?
  8. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

  9. 2nd day. Today I ate 3 cones of icecream. I had them still in my fridge and I didn't buy more sweets. But still I can't give myself the one point. So zero points today but with a plus: I already have reduced my sugar intake quite a bit.

    With Coffee I'm also on the right way. I think I had four today. I have only left a little bit of coffee at home and I don't plan to drink anymore coffee at work.

    No alcohol.
  10. Thank you for asking! For me both is difficult.
    But I evaluate it differently. Food has a social function. People eat together and feast together. On my own I can apply any constraint to what I eat as long as I can overcome my own opposition or habits. But as soon as I want to eat together with other people these individual constraints have a downside. While eating a cake at a wedding is much more than just eating cake (basically a bland of bad fats and sugar).
    On top of that it would be good for me to socialize more. So I have this idea that I could allow myself to eat sweets only together with others. It's also a means against selfishness and towards sharing.
    In spite of all that I think in order to wean myself from sweet stuff, I should simply leave out all sweet stuff. If I continue to think of it as something fun, something of value it will be much more difficult to succeed as if I think "I don't need that" "that's bad for me" - not only to myself but also to others. In short, I decided to embrace this (extreme) healthy lifestyle and make a real change. But in the future I might choose the social way, as described.

    Besides, one thing I have noted is, that since I'm struggeling to leave sugar out it has become virtually impossible to have something in my home and don't eat it. When I have chocolate at home, for example, I won't say "since I'm on a diet, I will leave it alone, I'll just have it at home 'in case'." instead I will think I have to get rid of it ASAP, eat it, give it away or trash it.
    Maybe you know this from yourself?
  11. 30/30 - food containing grain at most once per day - Challenge completed! This was a very good challenge, it kept everything on a reasonable level.

    23/30 - at most one small coffee per day. This one seems to be perfect for me. My body is apparently too sensitive for any larger dose - I don’t get used too higher amounts like other people do.
  12. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

  13. 50

    Yes, it's obviously best not to set up any temptations for yourself. Everything becomes easier when you don't need to decide whether you're going to buy something this time, and whether you're going to save it or not, etc.
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  14. 24/30 - at most one small coffee per day
  15. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    Two weeks down.
  16. Barnabas_

    Barnabas_ Fapstronaut

    - no sugar: day 7
    - semen retention: day 63/75 (60 days challenge completed)
    - so secret/lie: day 17/20.
  17. Let's see -
    1st day has been: sugar 0 points, coffee 0 points, alcohol 3 points
    2nd day has been sugar 0 points, coffee 0 points, alcohol 3 points
    3rd day report: sugar 0 point, coffee 1 points, alcohol 3 points
    4th day report: sugar 0 point, coffee 0 points, alcohol 3 points

    I decided to rate strictly. But I differtiate a little between different kind of foods / behavior. Let me explain: 3 points (perfect) means that I didn't buy "sweets", didn't eat "sweets" and was mindful with added sugars. But it doesn't mean that I definitely eat no added sugar. For example I won't do without pickles. I don't know where to get pickles without added sugar though. Or if someone cooks for me, I won't ask "did you add sugar to the meal?"
    I feel a little stupid to even mention this. But it's good to set things clear, first of all for myself and for the purpose and success of this Challenge.
    Come to think of it, this isn't about the substance sugar. It's about mindful and healthy eating. Sugar in it's many forms just happens to be my biggest obstacle and at the same time the easiest target to shoot at.
    A day without sugar also means for me that I eat practically no processed foods. Practically? Yea, there are always exeptions to the rule. One exception are the mentioned pickles.

    One point stands for one slip. Be it that I succumbed to one piece of cake or just say the ketchup I had on my meal (and couldn't tolerate as 'not counting'). And a full bar of chocolate (100g typically) can NOT count as a slip by the way.
    So what may considered as 'not counting' and what can't?? Well, it's clear I can't have this waterproof *sigh*
    It's also clear that nothing gets any better by overthinking.
    I'll be kind to myself and say: I've forged a very good plan for this Challenge and now I have thought it through to the max. From here on I just need to apply and produce results.
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  18. indeed. But we also have to learn to live with the temptations. At the end of the day we need to be able to live our lives and get along with things how they are.
    Is this a commonplace? Anyhow, concrete I need to learn to abstain from porn - while having unrestricted internet access at home and on my phone.

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