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How often do you eat sugary foods?

  1. every day

    52 vote(s)
  2. 2-5 times a week

    27 vote(s)
  3. once a week

    7 vote(s)
  4. few times a month

    3 vote(s)
  5. once a month

    3 vote(s)
  6. almost never

    7 vote(s)
  1. Bihari

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  2. Barnabas_

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    No sugar - day 3/3 (beginning of the day)
  3. I will put more attention to avoiding sugar again. But this time I will take only small goals at a time. For this week I also want to try eating only three times per day.
  4. First day nicely completed. I need to have pretty large meals and breakfast now.
  5. All kinds of sugary products tried to lure me into them at the grocery store. Without this challenge set up, I would have been their slave.
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  6. Interesting challenge. I've been living sugar free for well over a decade. I have zero cravings for it. Hopefully it will be the same one day with PMO. Good luck to all...
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  7. That's spectacular!
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  8. I overate last night. Otherwise my three meal days are working nicely.
  9. New week has begun and that's my new goal.
  10. Last night was pretty much the first time with these rules that I was hungry in the evening. I hadn't eaten enough during the day.
  11. I have successfully avoided sugar for the last couple of weeks and I feel really good about it. Eating only three times a day has also been an interesting experience so far. It has in fact been quite easy to not eat random snacks as I have had clear plans to eat just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Looking forward for the next week!
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  12. Force Majeure

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    Well done!
  13. Thanks. How's your diet nowadays? You had some pretty long sugar streaks as far as I remember.
  14. Force Majeure

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    My diet is still pretty good and I still follow the rules I had before, however I follow them in an informal way. That said, I do have some snacks from time to time and some wine every now and then, but I hold it to a limited level.

    Now those sentences would be categorised as fluff according to The Mom Test, so let me anchor it to the specifics.

    Coffee. I have a rule saying I'm only allowed to drink coffee made in tea strains during October. It's pretty weak! And guess what, I have started to love it. I just extended it to include November as well.

    Sugar. I usually only eat sugar when my wife bakes, however, I have been eating some other sugars last month. I think I ate a cinnamon bun a few weeks ago and I had some small amount of ice cream in September.

    Grains. I eat bread to breakfast, then I usually skip grains for the rest of the day. I have been eating some bread to dinner a few times but then I added a rule for the following day, saying no bread.

    Alcohol. I have a rule saying no liquor with alcohol >20% for the rest of the year. Except that rule, I drink some wine and beer to the dinner right now.

    Crisps. I have been eating crisps maybe three or four times since June.

    Protein, fat and vegetables are still the things I love the most :)
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  15. You sugar junkie! No, awesome work!
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  16. Today I'm going to complete four weeks no sugar. And I've been completely without any kind of snacks as well. It's been great.
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  17. me too :)

    I don't feel strong right now for this challenge. However I want to start small, be consistent and learn.

    First Goal: no sugar on Mondays.

    I believe one day a week is the effective minimum to start with, in my current state. I hope I can outperform this once in a while. For example, I think two days in a row would be very good. But I don't make that "mandatory" for now.

    Weekly reports would be good.
    In fact I think writing about this and making concrete plans makes a big difference. Strategic approach.

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