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How often do you eat sugary foods?

  1. every day

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  2. 2-5 times a week

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  3. once a week

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  4. few times a month

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  5. once a month

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  6. almost never

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  1. richard.freeman

    richard.freeman Fapstronaut

    Day 0/90...
    posting works nicely for me regarding PMO
    let's try with my biggest SWEET addiction... :oops:
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  2. richard.freeman

    richard.freeman Fapstronaut

    Day 1/90 - no sweets yesterday

    “Freedom is not achieved by satisfying desire, but by eliminating it”
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  3. Welcome!

    Yesterday I met my goal "No sugar on Mondays".
    Also I did consume sugar moderately on the other days and apart of the sweets my nutrition was very healthy.

    I'm not drinking coffee at home anymore. I completely exchanged it with tea. (I'm drinking different kinds of tea and I don't need it like I "needed" coffee).
    It happens I drink to much coffee at my workplace, but I don't feel like I'm addicted anymore.

    I've watched a vid about some Indian healer who promotes a diet that's mostly vegan and focussed on natural food sources. Great inspiration!
    Sometimes it helps with the "problem" to shift the focus a bit. Focussing on sugar too much will make it harder to abstain from it.

    However, I could be more at ease if I wouldn't feel the craving for sugar all the time. It's crazy, but sugar cravings use to greet me just after waking up.

    I would really like to take it easy. I have other things to do than fighting with my diet all the time. But as you can see, sugar is the bully here. So in self-defence I'm commiting for more abstinence. (I'm sure if I manage to abstain better the grip that sugar has on me will lessen a lot)


    First Goal: no sugar on Mondays [ - achieved once]

    Second Goal: no more sugar from now (Tuesday afternoon) until Friday noon .. but the leftover of 50g of high quality chocolate
  4. richard.freeman

    richard.freeman Fapstronaut

    good luck icebreaker polarstern :emoji_thumbsup:

    I found it very hard to eat sugar occasionally (like 1-2x a week or during weekends only)
    After even 1 day , my body and mind desire more and I end up binging on sweets more than I've planned.

    About 1 year ago I lasted 1 month without sweets and I felt very good with it.
    Unfortunately as a reward I did 1 day with cakes, icecreams, etc. and my problem started again...

    I remember sweets didn't taste that good after those 30 days but I ate them anyway...

    Day 3/90 - survived my niece's Bday yesterday; it was very tough but I didn't touch cake nor other poison :)

    "We inherently know what to do. We just don’t feel like it. Something inside is holding us back.
    We must keep in mind, though, that it’s the successful among us who do what needs to get done whether they feel like it or not.

    Choose to suffer a little every day rather than a lot whenever you realize you’re not
    making any progress whatsoever.

    Acknowledge the inner resistance and do it anyway.

    At the end of the day, we get what we deserve."
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  5. I managed to eat no sweets til now. And tomorrow it's only half of the day where I have to watch out. Then I'll have three days full (and four days of the entire week). However over the weekend I will "cheat".

    I'm really happy that it's working so well. I feel pretty much in control over my choices.

    It's always difficult for me to leave out sugar. There are temptations on every single day. I think reducing is a good idea. Reducing in every way: less on one occasion, less on one day, less during the week, less during a year.
    I think my taste and my habits will change over time.

    Well, sometimes it's easy. Despite the urge you just say don't do it. And you feel good.
  6. First Goal: no sugar on Mondays [ - achieved once]
    Second Goal: no sugar for three consecutive days

    Third Goal: no sugar on the 19th and 20th of November
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  7. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    hey guys, I just had a major sugar feasting this week (two days ago 200g of sugar in 2 hours) and I need to stop this. Today I ate roughly 80g and I feel so unwell after those excessive amounts.

    I would love to stop sugar forever, so here I start:
    Day 0

    (At least for PMO I have bad experience with streaks, but I will try it anyway. I most likely will eat some home baked christmas biscuits during my 90 days, but if I limit myself to that it would already be amazing)
  8. Great @Informius! You can do it!

    I had the Monday double (in the original post). So I changed it to Tuesday and Wednesday. Also I failed THIS Monday.

    Although I had some sweets here and there my sugar consumption still was moderate recently and I could stop some bad behaviors.

    I hope I can become good at "only eating sweets together with other". But I also need to control myself better when in company with others. Become more mindful.

    Still content and confident overall.
    Note: no-pmo always comes before no-sugar.
  9. richard.freeman

    richard.freeman Fapstronaut

    good luck guys, even if you'll limit sweets it's still success :emoji_clap:
    got hard day yesterday - binge eating pizza and crisps, but didn't touch sweets
    I'll try fasting today
    Day 9/90
  10. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your replies, short update:
    Ate some sugar on sunday due to social pressure. To be honest not onpy social pressure, I also thought it wouldn't be that bad if I delay my start for 1 day. And ot was very moderate, so it really wasnt a big deal.

    Monday was day 1, had urges but told myself that sweets are simply not an option.
    Day 2 not over, but I am confident. No urges.

    (I have to add: extrem urges or cravings where mostly not the reason why I ate too much. Most of the times I simply started out of boredom and then just didn't stopped. Then I ate until I hated myself, and as soon as I hated myself I tried to damage me even more with more sugar)
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  11. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Pretty sick actually if I see it in that way
  12. Dovahkin101

    Dovahkin101 Fapstronaut

    I was having a lot of problems with sweets and overeating a couple weeks ago, still do. I ate a whole Hershey bar yesterday which had 44 grams of sugar, and a Haagen-Dazs ice cream cup the day before which has 40 grams of sugar. I've been getting a tooth ache from it too. I feel like garbage for eating this crap. So I'm on day 0/90
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  13. Dovahkin101

    Dovahkin101 Fapstronaut

    I felt like that yesterday. A wave of emotion jsut came over, I felt like a zombie having no control over my actions so I went and got a chocolate bar. Then I saw a post of someone on Twitter say that people who can't control their sugar cravings are wimps and I felt like even more garbage. But it's just selt hating thoughts that we gave into I think and giving into hopelessness. It's not true.
  14. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Ate 1 Croissont today, but I will not count it as a reset. Going good :D
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  15. Dovahkin101

    Dovahkin101 Fapstronaut

    Maybe there should be levels like Lite mode and hard mode. I would say I'm doing hard mode, absolutely no refined sugar. All whole foods and no fruit juice. I might have a croissont but I would put honey or maybe maple syrup on it instead as opposed to refined sugars.
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  16. Dovahkin101

    Dovahkin101 Fapstronaut

    Day 1/90. I'll feel so much better for giving up this poison.
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  17. It's good that you write about it! Recognizing it is the first step.
    I think these patterns often are more harmful than the sugar itself. Sometimes it can be better to decide to enjoy some sugary sweets than trying to refrain from it but ending up stuffing oneself with it.

    Now for myself: after a pmo relapse yesterday I decided to suspend my accountability here for a while. I want to shift my focus to the things that seem to me the most important ones right now (like recover from p-addiction). However I don't plan to start eating sweets whenever I feel like. Rather I want to continue with what I've learned so far and try to be mindful and considered with what I eat on every single day.
    I don't know when I will continue here. Maybe with the beginning of the next year.
  18. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Rest of the day done well! I really wanted to get a snickers bar during my run (as a reward for running) and tried to rationalize that with 'My body needs it after the run, it won't harm me'.

    Then I thought how wierd it is that I think a body can only recover with industrial sugar - which is obviously not the case! I could eat a banana or other fruits if I would really need fast sugar. So I refrained from getting sweets. (I didn't get myself fruits either, but therefore some crisps - not perfect, but a good enough alternative for me at the moment. And now it was still a reward)

    (On a side note, I checked how much industrial sugar the croissant I ate has: 5g to 100g - so my decision to not reset my counter was quite ok)

    --> Day 3 over now!
  19. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    thanks for your reply :) Yeah I think it's those patterns that always destroy me, I don't think a little bit of sugar a day (like maybe 10g added sugar a day) is that harmful. But I have tried so often to limit myself to a healthy level only to fall back in these patterns. So now I do this sort of 'reboot' thing for sugar :D

    Good luck and enjoy your journy!
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  20. Dovahkin101

    Dovahkin101 Fapstronaut


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