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How often do you eat sugary foods?

  1. every day

    58 vote(s)
  2. 2-5 times a week

    28 vote(s)
  3. once a week

    7 vote(s)
  4. few times a month

    4 vote(s)
  5. once a month

    3 vote(s)
  6. almost never

    7 vote(s)
  1. You're right icebreaker polarstern. I'm more focused on present and future, but I DID well during those past 33 days :)
    I'll pull myself together and start over.

    Thank you for your words, much appreciated!

    I failed yesterday as well, so I'm on Day 0 again ;-P

    "Back at the beginning
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  2. I'm glad you liked it, Super Saiyan :)
  3. I will be back to this Challenge in the New Year! And I will take it very seriously!
    Yesterday I thought all the time how good my chances would be with such a New Year's Commitment. But in fact I already learned a lot here. Recently I learned (again) that trying to just live well without looking on the sugar matter doesn't work for me well.
    I can make the choice to live much more healthy and I can make it possible. So why not grab this opportunity? Why staying stuck in between sugar binges and some half-assed fasting?

    So I decided I can and I will. I'll go for 30 days first, because 90 days seem overwhelmingly long.
    All January without added sugar! And I'll treat this as seriously as porn. I'll fight the addiction and I'll surf the urges!

    I also try to avoid alcohol completely. Because it could make me eat sugar. But this is not a must.

    See you in January 2020 !!!!
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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  4. I start now.

    no sugar - goal: 30 Days
    no alcohol - goal: at first until New Years Eve
  5. Day 0/90... I hate X-mas...

    Why is it harder than noPMO?!


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  6. NOW actually means ... tomorrow.
    Tomorrow, 28th of December, really!
  7. Back to the challenge.
    I'm going to eat sweets on 18th for sure, so my current small goal is 7 days.
    Day 1/7.

  8. It seems when I don't feel that I have the power and will to abstain from sugar then I feel obligated to eat sugar. I believe more in the rituals of filling certain holes with sugar than I believe in my ability to (re-)act differently.

    Now for a change!
    Not today! That shall be my premise.
    Even if I "cheat" that will be no drama. It's not about counting the days but to make the days count!
    I'll redefine my emotional bounds with refined sugar.

    Joy instead of sugar!
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  9. I'm on day 2 now. Promise: I won't eat sugary sweets for the rest of the day.

    EDIT: I kept the promise. Day 2 done.
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  10. Now on methadone: I recently bought peanut butter (the good one not the crappy one) and today honey. Well, before I used to do the challenge without honey. But who cares! As long as I don't do chocolate, cake and all the stuff I used to consume in heaps.
    Sure, technically I'm eating sugar. Refined and fruit sugar. It's nearly unavoidable. But that's not the point.
    Natural sources of sweets? Is honey healthy. I certainly don't know. I used to eat dates or date paste. I think that's healhty.

    3 days without sugar full - yuhuuuu! :)
    Let's go on tomorrow and stick to it.
  11. So did you eat sweets on the 18th?
  12. Yes, I did. The problem is I also eat them before 18th... every single day.... Sugar is my true Achilles' heel :(

    I started again, today's my 4th day, but I'm pretty sure I'll fail again soon.

    I'm still looking for method which will actually work for me. :oops:
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  13. I would like to eventually join this challenge. I have to finish my Dr. Pepper that's just chilling in my fridge though or else I will feel like I've wasted money :(. This is going to be a very difficult challenge for me but one that I need to do. I think I'll start next week.
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  14. I believe I can see the future
    'Cause I repeat the same routine
    I think I used to have a purpose
    But then again, that might have been a dream

  15. NCK

    NCK Fapstronaut

    I'm in. Starting no sugar challenge!
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  16. Barnabas_

    Barnabas_ Fapstronaut

    Day 19/30 with a new eating habbit.
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