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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Future role model, Apr 2, 2018.

How often do you eat sugary foods?

  1. every day

    59 vote(s)
  2. 2-5 times a week

    30 vote(s)
  3. once a week

    7 vote(s)
  4. few times a month

    4 vote(s)
  5. once a month

    3 vote(s)
  6. almost never

    7 vote(s)
  1. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    I had so many exception. And the last thing was that I craved for one sort of chocolate which is portioned not smaller than 300g. Today I bought some and ate it all. I fell into food coma and then I had enough. I want to go straight no-sugar for 14 days now.
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  2. Yeah you should try with a smaller goal, maybe 90 days is too much.
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  3. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    Yesterday was really hard, cause I got in some kind of mild depression. First reaction would be to have a coffee with some sweets. But I realized I don't need this and I don't want to sustain this ritual.
    Today the depression went on. I couldn‘t get myself to do sport and my brain found funny arguments for every idea that I got to improve my condition (like: going to a lake? Noo, today is sunday which means the train goes very rarely, better do it on a week-day)
    Most of the time I was in my appartement couldn't do nothing but reading, listening to podcasts or sleep. Then I went to a public place which was a good decision. I decided to drink a coffee to boost my mood and energy but abstain from sugar. One coffee at a public place seemed to be a good measure in this situation while escaping in sugar or porn binges would naturally worsen my situation, in fact that would bring me down completely. So I went to this place, drank coffee and I‘m using the internet here, not for any real cause or with any goals, but to get out of my lazy / depressive state of mind.
    It worked I even had a chat which reminds me of the importance to reach the outside world and that it doesn't have to be difficult.
    And it does good to tell all this to you guys on this forum.
    I now feel stabilized, I'm proud of 12 days of no p / no subs and 2 days without sugar. Maybe later I can motivate myself to do some real work. I will write some more about the causes of this problem and how I could tackle it in my Journal.
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  4. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    Update: I recovered. Today I got up at 6 o'clock then I did sport, I even meditated for half an hour. Great day!

    Then I wanted a reward. Nothing came to my mind but this coffee with sweets. I couldn't find a good alternative as a reward. I thought: This little 14-days-no-sugar-Challenge is not so important, I should allow myself to have that as a reward. Luckiliy I had more time to think it over. I came to the conclusion that it's similar to the dopamine-urge I know from my p-addiction. You are ok, but you don't feel like it. The brain wants rocket fuel, not kerosine. I decided for delayed gratification, respectively for appreciating the good things that were there (the sun, some fruits).

    This experiment encourages and assures me that I can make the 14 Days without sweets.
    I think afterwards I will soften it to I'm eating no sweets on my own. So that I can eat as the others in social situation. This way I can make it to 90 days I hope.
  5. That's great mindset! Every time you win a fight against your urges, you take their strength. Small wins are so important. I'm glad you managed to wake up early and do your routine, can't remember when I managed to do that lol.
  6. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    Thank you Dane, really appreciated!
    Let me tell you something, when I wanted to get up at six o'clock on Saturday I overslept completely. That somehow triggered my depressive state over the weekend. When I finally could get myself together I was quite confident that I could get up on Monday and again I set the alarm on 6:00. It could have gone totally wrong once more, but I managed to get up and followed my prepared follow-up and as soon as I went out it doesn't felt bad at all anymore. Today I did the same and what's only for me to do is to stick to this behavior (make it a routine)

    When I think about, what's required most is a good simple plan and consistency.
    Of course there are these short moments where all depends on willpower. But I wouldn't beat myself up when you fail with willpower. Rather see it as the chance TO TRAIN your willpower.

    One more thing. At some point I had decided to set my alarm to 5:50 on every single morning, no matter how many times I would fail.
    If one gives himself just enough time, isn't it simply inevitable that the body and mind adapt to the situation and get used to the routine?
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  7. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    This Challenge is really hard! At the moment it feels even harder than the nofap Challenge. Ok I had no extreme crazy urges and I'm not aware of any withdrawals yet...

    Sugar dominates our nutrition and culture! I can't believe it.
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  8. You should give yourself some time to form a habit, but from my experience, failing too many times actually forms a habit of failing. By that, I mean that if you oversleep too many times, you will form a habit of oversleeping. That's exactly what I did. I literally have a habit of turning my alarm off and going back to bed. It's disgusting. In the last month I failed to wake up early every single time. I even made this threat https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...-30-days-challenge.183907/page-3#post-1590836 in order to motivate myself to form a habit of early rising again, but I haven't managed to wake up on time even once since I started it... I even tried restarting my habit by not setting my alarm for few days, waking up naturally and than again trying to wake up with alarm, but I failed again... Maybe I should stop using alarm for a longer period of time, and than try again.
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  9. Yes, sugar is in everything. That's why I completely stopped consuming any refined food. It destroys your body, your mind and your spirit.
  10. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    15 Days no porn or subs
    4 Days no masturbation
    5 Days no sugar

    I'm having urges this evening for all three
    Good the day is nearly over. I just went to a public place and logged in here bc I was lazy and unmotivated and was doing nothing but endure my urges.

    I have laid out everything. I want to start like a rocket. I know what to do. But something is still stopping me. Or do I have to learn disciplined productivity all over again? I feel like a spoiled child.
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  11. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    I survived.
    Because of vacations I'm not sure if I will come here and report when I've made the 14 Days of no sugar. But I'm resolved to finish it.

    Cu soon!
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  12. Congrats and have a nice vacation!
  13. Okay this is my day 1 again... Today was my grandma's birthday and some family friends visited us, we haven't seen them in 4 years. I relaxed a bit and took some sweet food, nothing too serious, but this time I'll start counting the days in this challenge.
  14. Ameeet

    Ameeet Fapstronaut

    I would like to join this challenge, it is still open?
    I'm a sweet lover & I want to stop it
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  15. Yes it is, welcome and thanks for reminding me of this threat! :)
    Right now I'm on my 3rd day of 5 days dry fast, so sugar shouldn't be a problem for me right now.
  16. Okay I'm starting this challenge again. I feel like I need this, I became too relaxed lately and ate some crap. Today is my day 1!
  17. Day 1 again... Yesterday I ate crap, I have to stop this!
  18. Day 7
    I had some urges to eat crap, but I just imagined how I would feel after it, so I managed to resist. Going good so far.
  19. Day 1
    Last 2 days were disaster... I ate sugars and I haven't enjoyed it at all. It happened after relapse, it was like I wanted to self sabotage. I have to write a letter in my journal to myself for whenever I want to eat crap.
  20. I'm Fed Up

    I'm Fed Up New Fapstronaut

    Day 0

    I think that in my life I have eaten a lot of sugar, most of the days of my life. I have been reading about this ingredient, and I readed a lot of thinks. It acts like a drug, It alters the emotional state to worse, very bad for the body and brain. I'm going to eat only fruit, which contains the healthiest sugar, and bread because its in all parts
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