90+ days NoFap and no benefits

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by RJDD99, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. RJDD99

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    its been 94 days of NoFap for me now. I have had sex within that period but I feel like It's getting worse for me. I have less energy, I'm thinking about sex and women 24/7. Even if I notice a woman on the street I have to look at her and feels almost as if I'm objectifying them. My social interactions have become worse too, I'm more awkward around people and can't speak properly which they clearly pick up on. My urges are still the same. I want to keep NoFap going but it's been over the 90 day period and I'm getting worse in myself and have seen no benefits at all. Has anybody experienced this as well? like it hasn't worked for you? everybody has different recovery times but I don't know if its worth continuing or just maybe going back to masturbating less frequently. what do you lot think? advice would be helpful as i just don't know if its going to get any better.
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  2. Please don't give up! I think you should keep going for another 90 days or to 250 days and then reflect. You have a very nice streak! Just keep it up!!
  3. arkad1

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    I've done it for almost a year without seeing results.

    For the most, nofap result are exaggerated by placebo effect, testosterone spikes, and kids who don't really understand what's happening to them.

    I think it also depwnds on how long you've been pmoing and how youg you started.
  4. SirErnest

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    Many say that things like good diet, exercise and meditation are crucial. Not just cutting something out, but also building new things.
  5. HecTormoku

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    Doing NoFap is an incomplete journey by itself because its main focus is about not failing. And we just cout the days without PMO, but that's not what I learned by myself and other succesful stories in this forum, this journey can only be complete with self improvement. I mean, it sounds so great and convenient to say: “oh, my problem with women will solve by itself by just not fapping" because it doesn't imply much effort.

    Changing your life is hard. But here's a phrase I always remind to myself every time I can: “if you do what is easy your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard your life will be easy".

    I'm not implying your days clean are whortless, I'm actually proud another brother has come this far! :) but here's the catch I'd like to share: focus your whole self into the series of habits that eventualy will lead you to the life you always wanted (and damn deserve!) to yourself. The key in everything you want to achieve is consistency. So don't give up, bro! If it is not hard to achieve then it does not worth it.

    I wish for the best, bro! :D
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  6. fellowBrother

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    First of all, stop having sex. Stop orgams. Go complete hard mode. You will eventually hit a flatline(its different for everyone), and when you hit your flatline the urges will stop for a period of 1-3 months. You need to stop looking at women. Don't tell me you can't because I know for a fact that you don't masturbate in public or infront of your parents. You know why? because you have a degree of self control. You need to exercise this self control even with random women on the street. Do not look at them sexually, but as fellow humans with feelings. YES nofap works. I am 61 days in and this flatline is horrible, but guess what? I can communicate normally again. I can focus. No more urges. This is not placebo. I have been at this for 2-3 years, over and over, hundreds of times. These benefits are very real and life changing. Stick to the plan!
  7. F328

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    flat line sucks I do feel like life is over after 8 days of NoFap im sure its something to do with flatline because after 4-5 days of no orgasm I feel like life is tough especially at night since im trying to improve my evening ritual less alcohol random hook ups with women bar hoping porn watching etc so today is Friday and my goal is to make pass day 8 everyone is out drinking and hooking up and Iam trying to have consistency no porn no fapping no hangovers and real relationship not hook ups and drunk encounters very hard in todays society where that is the norm, yes NoFap is just part of the answer the rest involves a life transformation and new habits , I thought it was just stop porn but now including concentrating on task , being cool under stress , being focused , being confident , new skills like deep breathing , man so much goes into elite performance in life that's what I strive for tho and that's what I want out of life
  8. Dag

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    Something is missing here.

    I think you don't have to focus no not doing something. But instead on building new habbits?

    How about weight lifting or reading books or sleeping more?

    Thats where the benefits are born.
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  9. Arms.R.heavy

    Arms.R.heavy Fapstronaut

    Don't go back, the streak you're having now is a gift don't throw it away, I can attest that the benefits are real, but they are not the main why we abstain from P, M and fantasizing.
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  10. N0thing

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    Congrats on the 90 days. Social media and screen time also plays a big role in cravings and brain fog. Exercise, be creative and find work you like. This will leave you with less time to turn your brain to zombie mode (netflix, social media, video games). To stop gazing takes time, I would go another 90 days. Good luck :)
  11. SLAA1

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    Stay with it, your brain is simply rebooting.
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  12. jackhroub

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    Trust me you won't realize that you are doing fantastic until you go back to porn, you are in the correct way, I understand that you may feel more horny, but do more habits as the community suggested above, it's not just about "no porn", go outside, go to gym, and don't try to look at girls, why would you try to do that? I did 90 days no porn, I came to a level where I really wanted to fap/see girls so badly, but I ignored all of this, and that feeling started to disappear, you just need more time my friend :), and also what a good job you did with 90+ days of no porn, wish I could do this again.
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  13. The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger Fapstronaut

    Thank you for sharing results (or lack of them) so far. Interesting to see how this works differently for different people. I think some of the comment above is kind of bias. And saying “not as easy as stop fapping” is to reduce what you have accomplished, that’s a great achievement in it self.

    I suggest you go for round two. You’ve put down so much effort this far you might as well go all in another 90 days. After that I think you definitely should see some results, evaluate and choose how to take on the future. At least it would be interesting for us to hear further from you.

    Best of wishes!
  14. ronaldera2

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    I've had multiple relapses here i am starting at day 1 again, after three weeks I felt amazing I was calling everyone talking about investments and i was optimistic about my future, I even started reading again which I couldnt keep a good chain of thought back when i was fapping all the time or was to exhausted. I'm eating healthier and working out hardcore where now im actually sweating. A thing i added also to my regimin is i added milk thistle, alot of anxiety can be coming from your liver over working and trying to process everything, years of drinking for me and eating crap food led to me always being sluggish also, milk thistle has really helped and now i just need to stick to NoFap as well. Dont end your streak the problem is lying elsewhere.
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  15. BigMike556

    BigMike556 Fapstronaut

    Well said man, Nofap is a component on a man's journey to self improvement. Kicking porn addiction helps opens doors more opportunities to better one's self.
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  16. DaveKing

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    Man, experiences are very personal and I can give you mine, but it still might not resonate with you.

    I still haven't M'd since I started, however, I do have a girlfriend and we do have S. But before that, I had a 69 day streak full with no PMO. Is it hard in the first month? Yes. After that, the second month was easy. Maybe don't associate your awkwardness around women with noFap. noFap will not directly make you more confident around women. That's has to do with your atitude.

    If you still think about women 24/7, sorry to say this, but that's your fault. You have to learn to shape yourself and have more self-control / willpower. You need to embrace that idea that as a man you will be interested in women. There's no way around it. Then maybe, after accepting it, you'll slowly be able to gain power over your conscious mind. In my second month, I totally ignored women and didn't even look at them. I wanted to avoid any possibility of an urge. We're addicts on dopamine, and as addicts you have to be able to find ways to avoid it.

    When you start thinking of women, why don't you do some tricks like looking at the ceiling and count to 5. That literally a way to help you ignore your state of mind. One big thing I learned from this is that sexual thoughts, watching P, and similar things are habits. Once you start ignoring those habits, preventing them from happen, then they'll disappear. And you know what? You won't be thinking about them so often. I may still think about P sometimes, but not the same way I used to. Now it's just a thought like: "Hmm, I would go get some ice cream right now...but maybe not. It's not that important". Does that make sense?
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