90 Days of No PMO: What I Have Noticed

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    Good day to everyone here on NoFap Forums!


    I am a 20 year old male living in Texas. I had been trying to get to 90 days on NoFap (No PMO, to be specific) for about 15 months or so. I have finally made it to 90 days! It certainly was not easy in the slightest. In fact, getting to 90 days was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life so far, especially at the beginning of the 90 days.

    Why I Decided On 90 Days:

    Many people here on the NoFap forums recommend 90 days in order to "reboot". A "reboot" in this sense is when you get rid of those unhealthy desires to look at pornography, masturbate and orgasm. However, I must include this: 90 days won't always work for everyone. You can read NoFap success stories and see video success stories about how some will reach 30 days or 45 days of no PMO and still feel like how I do now, or even better.

    There are others out there (including myself) who feel as if 90 days isn't enough to truly reboot. By that, I mean that in order to experience a lot more benefits and become a healthier man by not watching porn, masturbating or orgasm. Thus, from the beginning, I decided it to be fitting that I should make my goal on NoFap to be for the rest of my life, yet realizing that'd be unrealistic, I settled on 365 days to abstain from PMO. To make this task even more realistic, I settled on this as my specific goal: 90 days, then 180 days, then 270 days and lastly, 365 days. From there, of course, is to be the rest of my life free of PMO.

    I recommend setting goals like this: small, incremental periods of time in order to reach your goal in order to make the task of abstaining from PMO a bit less difficult. For example, if you seek to achieve one month free of PMO, aim at first for one day free from PMO, then one week, then two weeks, three weeks and finally one month free of PMO.

    The Benefits of 90 Days Without PMO:

    • Ability to look people in the eyes without looking away
    • Ability to carry out a real conversation with people
    • Willpower has increased quite a lot
    • Women notice me more and also give me more attention and compliments
    • Men also notice me more and are more respectful and complimenting towards me
    • No longer feeling indifferent toward so many things in life so often (I care more about my life and seek to better myself)
    • Not worried about most things any longer
    • It is easier for me to laugh, to be happy and smile
    • I started learning Russian online
    • I got a new job as a waiter (even though I don't like it, I'm still there.)
    • I've also decided what I want to do once I complete my degree in college in the next upcoming months here.
    • I go to the gym more frequently
    • My eyes appear more glassy and vibrant
    • I no longer feel tired after working out, going to work or anything else, really. Essentially, what I mean is that I'm full of energy
    • I don't take things personally as often, nor do I get my feelings hurt over trivial things
    • I fall asleep easier and my sleep is better overall. I also have dreams more frequently
    • I am eating less unhealthy food and desire even more to eat healthy foods
    • My hair grows about 25% or so faster than before, as do my nails
    • My facial hair grows faster and the hairs are thicker as well. I used to shave every 3-4 days, now I shave every other day in order to give myself a cleaner appearance
    • It's easier for me to do things that I don't really like to do
    • I am more mindful in taking care of myself
    • I am more mindful of how I spend my time, also
    • I notice that I sincerely do like girls a lot, I have found that women are more beautiful and I also notice the little things more
    • Sharper wit in conversations, as in, saying spontaneous joke replies is much more frequent and I hesitate less to say it
    • Although I did not document this precisely, my biceps, shoulders and trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscles have become larger and much more defined. I definitely have the V-shaped upper body now (you know, the type of body that the chicks dig?)
    • I feel a bit more creative in my way of thinking, yet still acknowledge that I can be even more creative as I stay on NoFap
    • Music sounds better, as in, the songs that I used to listen to before this streak sound even better now that I'm not PMO'ing (check out any song by The Strokes once you get past 90 days if you don't believe me)
    • More helpful to people in every way (very much less reluctant)
    • Deeper voice in the sense that, perhaps yes or perhaps not, my voice does sound deeper to me in general (though our voice hardly ever sounds to us as it does to others). Yet, my voice does in fact have much more volume, bass and vibration to it
    • I'm not quiet when I speak to people, I make my voice heard and I look them in the eye when I speak (more assertive)
    • Even more benefits than what I listed above. Understand that everyone seems to get different benefits at different times, so be happy to anticipate and acquire whatever benefits you receive from no PMO!

    So What Helped Me Stay On NoFap For 90 days?:

    This certainly wasn't easy for me to get to 90 days without PMO. The hardest way to get to 90 days is the only way to do it. Here is what I mean:

    • Cold showers every single day (I've been doing this for about a year or so now). Cold showers help a lot
    • Working out frequently
    • Reading NoFap forum posts about how to succeed on NoFap
    • Watching videos about how to succeed on NoFap
    • Keeping myself preoccupied with working out, work, spending time with family and reading in order to get away from urges
    • Not giving in to PMO because to PMO would be so much worse than the life I have now
    • Toughing it out and soldiering on when I have urges (understand that urges don't last forever)
    What Do You Do When You Get Urges?:

    I have found that cold showers help (just standing under the cold water) in the short-term, yet another thing that helps is to go running on the treadmill or some other H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) cardio workout helps a lot to stop those urges for a while. Yet in the end, I don't know of any way to not have any urges when you're on this no PMO lifestyle in an attempt to reach 90 days. Urges are as far as I know, inevitable. When you do have urges, though, don't act on them or entertain them. This all sounds simple, yet it is so very difficult, most of all at the start (the first few days and weeks).

    I'm going to leave you with this: when I first started discovering NoFap over a year ago, the first people I found out about were Dr. Gary Wilson (www.yourbrainonporn.com) and Gabe Deem (www.rebootnation.org). One YouTube channel in particular which I have found very helpful as a resource and invite you to look into would be this guy, BecomingAlpha:


    BecomingAlpha has lots of useful tips, and he does a very good job at explaining how to succeed at NoFap, esp. in his earliest videos.

    Likewise, I feel as though I've written enough. I intend to achieve one year of NoFap, so the next step is to reach 180 days. I am going to write a 180 day success story once I reach it.

    Remember This:

    NoFap is difficult, yet the lifestyle that you will achieve once you reach 90+ days is indescribably better than the lifestyle that you had on PMO.

    "Stay clean, it's your only hope." - Motörhead
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    Great post man! Shoutouts to the Strokes I used to listen to them a lot, might start listening to them again ;)

    Keep it up!
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    This has kept me motivated, cheers man! All the best, and great work.
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  4. Miguel R

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    Thank you for this. It will help me with my journey. Am on my 8th day nofap.
  5. UnbrokenChain$95

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    Right on brother. You are very inspiring. Im on day 2. Not really trying to keep track though.
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  6. DaveyCrockett

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    Thanks for the positive replies, guys. I wish all of you the very best on your NoFap journeys. :D
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  7. Congratulations for your success! Make it double! And thanks for sharing, well described your benefits. Stay strong.
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  8. SirErnest

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    Well written and inspirational stuff!
    Thanks mate.
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  9. Luke777

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    Thanks for sharing!
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  10. Powerous

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    Congrats on your achievement bro. 90 Days is a huge achievement.

    I have question: Did you feel any withdrawal symptoms/flatlines? If so how long did they last and what did you do to overcome them?

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  11. Homo Deus

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    Wow. Just wow. Thank you for sharing. Your story is inspiring.

    I have a question about this, you have plans, not to have sex ever?
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    thank you, keep it up
    im just starting and this gives me motivation. i will come back and read this when i feel urges
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  13. Ch_Mv

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    Good job!
    And congrats!!
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    Great post! Thank you for sharing!
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    Great article. All the best in 180 days
  16. DaveyCrockett

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    Yes, in regard to the flatline: I felt terrible (sad, not interested in anything, not caring about anything) around day 30 up until day 50 or so. I have to say, in order to overcome them, I just kept on doing what I've been doing for a very long time now: working out and cold showers. It's not as if doing those two things will actually make a flatline go away, yet somehow in hindsight, it makes NoFap a bit easier. It really is crazy how much we as humans want sex. I still have urges and sexual thoughts every now and then, I really do feel like I am going crazy sometimes because of these urges and me not acting on them. I'm sure I'll be alright, though. The way I see it, having these urges and thoughts is sort of like your PMO habits in your brain slowly dying, and so they make a last effort to try to pull you back into PMO by creating urges to PMO or have sexual thoughts or dreams, etc. I still feel like I'm not in the clear, though- meaning that I have to keep my guard up all the time, and when I do get urges or sexual thoughts, I pinch myself on my forearm hard in order to snap myself out of those thoughts. Flatlines don't last forever, yet the flatlines very much feel like they'll last forever. I know, it's not easy to avoid urges, it is still difficult for me and it only became slightly easier for me to overcome them these past 90 days. Remember this, though: the feeling that you get in the long-run when you are PMO-free is so much better than the guilt, shame and overall negative feelings you experience in the long-run if you are not on NoFap. Believe me, I know.

    I do not necessarily plan to never have sex. However, if I do decide to have sex, then sex for me will come from a place of reproduction and not a one-night-stand. By this, I mean that my plans are, yes, to wait until marriage, yet not for religious reasons. I don't plan to masturbate, look at porn or orgasm, though. Maybe some day, once I have a stable income, my own house and more than enough money, I'll look for a woman to be my wife, reproduce with her and have many children- that would be the only way I'd release my seed, @Homo Deus.

    Of course, it's not going to be easy, not having sex. I have so many urges, recently they seem to be more frequent (again). I look in the mirror at myself and think "Wow, chicks would really enjoy me" like I feel wasteful that I am deciding to not go out and have meaningless, casual sex with some woman my age. However, that sort of thinking is a direct result of this American culture which promotes sex, degeneracy and filth all the time and all over the place.

    I'm still waiting to get the "sexual transmutation" benefits. Those probably happen way down the line, though, like around a year or more, maybe (if they are real and like what people say they are).

    Thank you very much for the positive comments and support, everyone! I am glad that I inspired some of you, that was unexpected.

    I don't have much advice to get past difficulties in NoFap, flatlines or urges besides this: the only way to get past the difficulties is to tough it out and soldier on. Don't give in to your urges, no matter what they tell you. There aren't really any shortcuts on NoFap, yet I have found that cold showers and working out frequently do help, yet they won't prevent you from giving in to urges or removing your negative feelings if you flatline. Feel free to message me or leave a reply in this thread if you have a specific question. :)

  17. bigboibez

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    congrats man, doing well myself and will be joining you at 90 days in a few months. look forward to seeing how it feels.
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  18. DaveyCrockett

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    You can do it, @bigboibez ! We'll both be better in every way because of NoFap by then. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  19. bigboibez

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    thanks for the kind words, i recently graduated, got myself a solid career starting in september and buying my dream car in a few weeks (c63 AMG). Im sure once i start work ill find it easier than these past 3 weeks. i just want a normal life i have been dreaming about in this past year at university. lets do this
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  20. I did 200 days hard mode, one sex session with woman completely destroyed me, so that is my success story in all its glory. The worse thing about this joke is, thats its not a joke but a reality. I was thinking about writing a success story, but this is it. Yes I did 200 days, yes I had a successfull sex with a woman afterwards, and yes, it was a huge mistake I regret ever since.
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