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  1. Man this really moved me. I hope things are really just getting better and better with your wife. Things like that are why Im here, because I want some true intimacy in my life... And I don't want to taint it if it ever DOES come into my life by being obsessed with looking at porn.

    I needed this read tonight, Im going to have to make a more detailed list of reasons why Im abstaining "no matter what" and then keep that shit on my computer and on my door to my bedroom and on my refrigerator and on my toilet and in the shower and in the laundry room and maybe the hall closet, as well as the mailbox.
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    Great!!. Brother can you tell us little about your success methods. Like exercise, meditation, self-talk, affirmations. If you do those how was your routine?
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    Thanks a lot, and I am happy that my story inspired you I hope you will succeed in your recovery. It's not an easy one but it's possible one, there will be mistakes but don't get discouraged learn from them. I am myself still at the beginning of my journey and never thought that my story will inspire anyone but I am happy that is does, and that's it helping other to get on the right course. There are a lot of useful tools and information on the internet, utilize it, read watch, do something. You can't just stop PMO you need to do so much more, it's a lifestyle change.

    I do exercise, and meditate, as well as self-talk when I feel shame coming up and I now that I need to do the right thing. It took me a while to find my routine and the biggest help in that was my wife. I got complacent a few times and she was there to tell me, even though it was hard for her because it's something she working on.

    Like I said above there is a lot of useful information out there, you need to look and utilize it. Check out these guys, I think they are awesome and you get 3 perspectives, 3 point views.

    I wish you both luck.
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