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    Hi everyone,

    It's my first post here but I've been lurking on this website since I started the PMO challenge. I've been benifitting from all of you guys, your advices, your experience, your tricks. So a big thank you to you all first. Let me recap from where I started :

    90 days before:
    I was (and still am) 21-years-old nerd. I had never been in a relationship before. I was telling myself that I had to focus on my studies (and I was), that I didn't need anyone in my life. At times, I would even be blaming girls for not paying attention to me. And as maybe some of you guys, I was litterally thinking every day about my virginity. I was considering every way to get laid.
    As for fapping, I started at 15, watching P online. I thought I had found the perfect way to avoid finding a relationship. For 3 years, I've been fapping 3-4 times a week. That's not heavy M but still enough to create addiction, to generate insomnia, lack of concentration, brain fog, ... I tried to stop several times on my own, but I was not trying hard enough, so I soon came back to my old habits.
    Because of family issues, I ran into depression and stopped the NoFap challenge for a long while. When I was about to hit rock bottom, I realized I had to change ! That's when I started to do it very seriously

    I've not been fapping for more than 90 days. It changed my life completely. I learned to be less selfish, to maintain eye-contact (I would not do that before). I've also never been so focused in my life. My mind is clear as day.
    As for my relationships, as soon as I stopped caring about being in couple or not, being virgin or not, I met the perfect girl. Nice, intelligent, beautiful, very shy like me, but that's fine. We've been in couple for about 1 month and a half now. It's just the beginning, it might not work out in the end but I don't care, I take life as it is !
    As for fapping, I don't feel the urge anymore ; I even forgot what it was like to be addicted to this crap. I know that nobody is ever safe from fapping so I'm still being very careful about triggers and so on. It took me 30 days to kill the "daily urge". Then I hit "flatlining" which was not so painful for me. Finally, the urges came back, but I was prepared for it so I got rid of them very easily. Now, I feel like I'm normal.
    I used to be an introvert, being afraid of talking to people or in public. I won't say that I'm perfectly with these right now, but it's definitely got easier. By overcoming my introversion, I made lots of new friends, male and female (I used to be shier when it came to female friends).

    What helped me :
    • Having a long-term project : I started learning Spanish. Some of my relatives speak Spanish so I thought it would be nice. It kept my head off the addiction for some time. I started biking and hiking.
    • Meditation : that helped a lot. It teaches you to stop listening to your urges, to kill any fantacizing (I think fantacizing is natural but in our case, it is extremely dangerous).
    • Keeping a detailed diary : record any fanatacizing, wet dreams, emotions. Analyse them and find to orien them positively. For instance, "I want to M when I'm alone in my room and nobody is around"=>"Go outside, or go to the library to work on your Spanish"
    • Finding support : on Internet here. In my case, I relied heavily on my older sister. I know I can trust her for keeping this kind of secret and always be supportive. Not everyone has the chance to have so encouraging a relative. In any case, find people to help you.
    I hope this post helps those of you who are still struggling. I have just one thing more to say : be brave, it's totally worth it !

    Sorry for long post, I think some may find it useful.
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    good for you, keep improving every day. i like your story because it is almost same as mine.
  3. Congrats bro; serious props because hitting 90 days without being a member here and using it as a support-base is pretty damn impressive. Here's to another 90 and good luck with your girl.
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    thanks man fr sharing i appreciate

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