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90 days. Thanks nofap.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Yes!

    I finally reached the 90 day mark. I will describe my journey.

    I have failed so many times on nofap. Just because I didn't had the right method. I always relapsed and then I said I'm not going to do it anymore.. And bam! I relapsed. This led to not feeling myself in my own body. Not in control.

    If I can put a number on how many days I felt good and happy in this journey. 20/90
    There where so many withdrawels. I literally fucked up my mind so bad.

    All kind of stages and withdrawels:
    - Depression
    - Unmotivated
    - Insomnia
    - Anxiety
    - Fatigue
    - Frustration
    - ...

    There were like 4 times I was on the edge of relapsing:
    1x someone who was very active on nofap quit and relapsed.
    1x Problems with my ex/life.
    2x The withdrawels. Feeling like absolute shit for no reason.

    I didn't gave in. And at the day 80 mark I wanted to relapse just because there wasn't any good feeling left in myself. It was the hardest part. Nothing could make me happy.
    Then it happened: 7 consecutive days of feeling awesome!

    So how did my life changed?
    I am happy. I am feeling like I should be feeling. I am not scared of woman. I am not scared of life.
    The withdrawels have faded. For now.. There will be moments that I will be feeling sad. But that's just life.

    I'll keep a journal post 90 day. Cause I don't want to be that guy who relapsed and binged to be just where he started.

    There are two things that need to still improve:
    - Concentration/ memory
    - Motivation.

    Nofap has changed my life. I have the power to go through life and fix problms if needed to. No more time wasting and binging in front of a pc.

    Most important: How did I do it?
    - Literally going outside every fucking day to talk about your withdrawels and feelings. Just talking to yourself. It may sound stupit every single day. But this was my problem, my subconcious mind kept me relasping. So I needed to be in control.

    Right now I have this feeling where I feel I will not relapse and I don't need to go outside. But I will, I will keep going outside to focus. I don't want to relapse.

    Sex is oke. Pmo not.
  2. K.C_Cage

    K.C_Cage Fapstronaut

    Congratulations, you did it! You actually reached 90 days. I am so proud of you. Even after all the things your body did to conspire against you, you pushed through and you feel better because of it. Here's to the next 90 days for you. :)
  3. Thanks man. Your reply means a lot. Hope you get to 90 days as well.
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  4. vibemaker

    vibemaker Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Congrats on making it this far! From now on it only can get better!

    Wish you the best! Keep transforming! :)
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  5. Sleeping_Beauty

    Sleeping_Beauty Fapstronaut

    Wow, that's amazing!! I'm so glad you've shared this. I've been relapsing when I reach the point you described, where just nothing can make you happy, but then you said after this you reached 7 days of feeling happy...this is so motivating, thank you. Congratulations on reaching your goal!!
  6. Andyst343

    Andyst343 Fapstronaut

    Congrats on 90 days really well done, I know how hard it can be.
    I am on day 78, been in flat line most of it, a few days ago felt like I was coming out and started to feel really good, in fact fantastic. Now it feels like ive flipped back into flat line and worst bit my low mood depression might be back, thought I was past all that.
    Can relate to all you said and felt.
    Did you have much experience with this kind of thing? hope you don't mind me asking.
    well done again.
  7. Yes man. It's very hard to describe the feeling that nothing can make you happy. Not even alcohol/caffeine. Just huge withdrawels. And then one day I woke up and it was almost totally gone. And since then I've been feeling very good, some days are still with withdrawels, but not as it used to be.

    Don't give up my man.
  8. I almost forget to say that my PIED is complete gone. No problem having an erection. (this was a big reason I do nofap)
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  9. Yuukigaochi

    Yuukigaochi Fapstronaut

    Hey, so proud of you. Man that's great to read, such a nice successfull story, it surely get in to win my own. Hope you stiil beating it and winning your fights. Congratulations you're a warrior.
  10. Congratulations - So nice to see you made it ! You're an inspiration to all of us ! I like the comment above from @Yuukigaochi "your a warrior " Yes you are !
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  11. Ghostface1007

    Ghostface1007 Fapstronaut

    Congrats man! Im only on day 21 but your a inspiration to me to keep fighting and to make 90 days! Thank you for posting!
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  12. Hey Larry,

    This is a real inspiring story. Thankyou very much for sharing the same. I want to be like you. Can you please tell me more about "talking to yourself everyday"... I think I would like to do that..
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  13. Alex Bee

    Alex Bee Fapstronaut

    Oh, let me tell you, buddy. You have no idea how many stages of sadness and emotional breakdowns I gone through this, and to top it off with teenage hormones.

    Life is a lot like a heartbeat, if you don't have ups or downs, you're not really living. When you're really sad, you start to find happiness in the finer more mundane things in life. People definitely notice this (be natural).
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  14. I would certainly like to tell you more. I go outside every day. Mostly to a quit place and I will walk or just sit and talk to myself. Encourage myself and talk about nofap. I imagine myself how I would feel if I would relapse. I talk about the withdrawels.
    By speaking outloud, the focus is greater as you just think about it.

    If you think about nofap there will be this quit voice that wants you to relapse. But if you talk out loud, this voice will be unheard.

    You must do this everyday the first 2 months. then your subconcious mind will change.

    Hope this helped.
  15. True! During nofap you will feel all kinds of emotions. Some good and some sad. We used to pmo with the sad. But now it's just dealing with these emotions. Getting mature.
  16. So true man!
  17. Dadoudesbois

    Dadoudesbois Fapstronaut


    (The following words are written by a french guy, so please be tolerant with the language mistakes!)
    First, congratulations for having made it to 90 days despite the withdrawels!
    Actually, it's because of the withdrawels that I never passed 37 days. And I'm still doubtfull about the usfullness of this challenge...
    Here is my point : If abstaining from jerking off for too long (not abstaining from P as P is evil and we should always abstain from it!) makes me feel in such a bad way than I might feel bad all the time I decide to abstain.. So even if I go to 90 days, I will still feel bad after that if I continue to abstain... So undeniably, I will relapse at some point (it might be only m hopefully).. So why would I abstain 90 days only to feel bad and relapse afterward??
    Do you get my point?
    but you said you are feeling very good now.. So you think there is kind of a step to pass and then the withdrawels will decrease (or even disapear??), right?
    One week is short, I'd really like to know how you will feel during the next days/weeks/months.. if the withdrawels don't come back, it would give me strong motivation to accomplish what you accomplish! :)

    So I'd like to communicate with you for that reason and because you seem to be a realistic guy : I saw so many success story where guys seem to denie all the bad aspects of the challenge (or maybe they don't have to face them), but my streaks seem to be similar to yours.
    Last question, I saw you're from Belgium. Are you from the french-talking part or the flamish part?
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  18. Hi Larry, Thanks for the prompt reply, will take this advice.
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  19. badeae1

    badeae1 Fapstronaut

    You rock. I can definitely sense a shift from a hopeless person to someone who is in charge and takes responsibility. Talking to oneself or addict brain is a great way to prepare for the battle. Imagine like your going to war. Every time you speak about nofap, you build morale and charge yourself with positive energy. For someone who previously rebooted then binged, I say stay on the same exercise. All the best to you. Till day infinity.
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