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    Oh yes the 90 day nofap challenge is 1 month away! But guess what Im gonna start about 30 days early. Hope yall dont mind. This challenge is not going to be just about beating PMO. I am far from that. But taking the proper steps into being able to say that I have beaten porn in lets say a year or so from now and have drastically improved my life while doing so. Theres really three things that I want to focus on in the next 90 days.
    1. My Mental Health
    2. My Physical Health
    3. My Relationships

    Okay so porn fucked me up pretty good. Been addicted for 7 years now. Up until now I have never realized that I need to do much more to be able to beat porn. First thing is mental health. This addiction has crushed my mental health through depression, anxiety, self identity etc. I really dont know how I am going to do this but im thinking about starting out with some daily positive affirmations. Affirmations that will be written on a card or something and placed where I am located the most during the day. I am also going to try and get up more quickly instead of lying around in bed checking social media before I even start my day. Oh and of course limiting my time on social media is a must.

    By the end of this challenge I want to be going to the gym 4-5 times per week. Eating insanely healthy and maybe even lose a couple pounds. I am not going to set a goal because if it doesnt happen it will just make me more depressed LOL. Getting back to the gym has been so hard. Like prior to covid I was doing great. For some reason I am struggling to just get back into that mindset of forcing myself to go every single day.

    Third and last is my relationships. Whether thats with family and friends or with God. Porn has made me separate myself from these things. Self isolation has been a huge factor as to why I still am struggling to fight temptations.

    I will be a different person. I promise myself that and now I have you guys to hold me accountable to that so I cant slack off!
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