90 days today - what it means

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheProcedure, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. TheProcedure

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    July was absolute rock bottom for me - never before felt like such an addict. I been watching jacking off for 8 years around then and watching porn for just about that long too.

    It was destroying me.

    I was fed up and had to trust God that we were gonna slay this dragon.

    So i give this community my word that i would fight tooth and nail, come hell or high water, to make it to 90 days from the time i started.

    i made it today.

    Here's what i learned:

    my life is infinitely better now. the shame the guilt the insecurity the self-consciousness is as far as i can tell GONE.

    i'm so confident these days.

    i been talking to a lot of girls, and would love to be in a relationship soon by November 1st.

    THE most important tool/lesson i learned in this 90 day streak is to fight the initial thought. as soon as the idea to watch porn comes into my mind, or just porn in general enters, i say "Get the freak outta my head." i fight that initial thought before it can even grow into an urge.

    and what i'm about to say is pretty insane: i actually didn't really have a single urge throughout the 90 days. not once. never had to hit the emergency button. And i think that's because of me fighting the initial thought. it's so much easier to fight, and it can't even grow into an urge.

    life is really so much better now. i'm not making that up.

    confidence is the main thing that changes. the lack of insecurity. my mind is quiet now. it's not easily swayed by what other people think or say.

    i can be me without trying or thinking too much or paralyzing my actions.

    living is more effortless. way more colorful. and women are just humans. and they're mad beautiful.

    got a tinder and bumble. tried it for two weeks to experience it. deleted them yesterday. that's something i simply was not in a mental position to do 90 days ago. nowhere close.

    i praise God that He brought me this far. and i pray he prepares me to be the boyfriend he wants me to be, with whoever I end up in a relationship with (i predict in the coming weeks).

    stay strong and fight the initial thought family.
  2. congrats mate for 90 days :) keep going man
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  3. Good job sir!
    I can't wait to hit my 90 days for the first time too after 7 years pmoing left and right.
  4. SheilaStar

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    I start my journey today and your post is real inspiration. Congratulations!!
  5. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Congratulations... I made it to day 79 before relapsing!!!
    Back on it now tho
  6. tIoD

    tIoD Fapstronaut

    Congrats dude, keep it up! On my way though xD
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  7. selfimprovement8008

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    congrats bro wish you all the best
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  8. Coolyorky

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    Amazing post!! Well done!!

    Did you ever suffer from pied (erectile dysfunction) and has it got better? Sorry to ask. I’m on day 36 and things seem to be improving
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  9. BasketCase

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    Things like this really keep my spirits up... Well done mate
  10. Janizahar27

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    Congrats bro I'm very glad for that. This is a motivator for people like me.
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  11. MD97

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  12. Sammyforthewin

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    Nice to read your success...I'm just asking myself: Am I gonna think about porn again after these 90 days? Should I try to reach 90 days, but with urges? Is the reset just finished when I don't think about PMO anymore?

    You just said that you fight that initial thought of PMOing...Are these thoughts still there? Or was it just during the reboot?
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  13. ihopewemakeit

    ihopewemakeit Fapstronaut

    Congrats Bro. You deserve everything you want.
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  14. TheProcedure

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    thank you @Vijayraj1 let's keep fighting
  15. TheProcedure

    TheProcedure Fapstronaut

    sorry for the late responses everybody, let's keep going

    @Freeddom_Taker i know you can do it. Want one more day of no pmo as much as you want your next breath.

    @SheilaStar keep fighting. we got this.

    @Uncomfortably Numb stay positive, and i know you can surpass that.

    @tloD keep fighting, that's great numbers, but it's not even about the numbers it's about gratitude and enjoying this life we have.

    @selfimprovement8008 12 days is great bro keep fighting

    @Coolyorky yes man. i noticed when i was still watching porn and jacking off, my erections were not full. these days my junk is looking healthy and PLUMP

    @BasketCase keep those spirits up! we got this. this is a great community and all your words means a lot to me.

    @Janizahar27 stay motivated and get to the quiet place in your mind.

    thank you @MD97 keep fighting

    @Sammyforthewin great questions. honestly i still have this mindset: once an addict, always an addict. that's just something i have to live with. i could mess up tonight if i'm not careful. i still have to be diligent to fight that initial thought and take things one day at a time.

    @ihopewemakeit congrats on 32! let's stay at it
  16. Sefz33

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    Amen brother! Keep it up!
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  17. DickMiller45

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    Hey Brother. Congratulations on your 90 days! Thank you for posting your results. The improvements you’ve attested to are the improvements I seek. Honestly, when I picked up my device a minute ago, I considered turning to porn, but luckily I found your post first. I owe you one.

    Today is November 1st. In your 90 day post you were hoping to be in a relationship “by November 1st.” So I’m wondering. Are you in a relationship? If not, are you ok?

    Deadlines establish a sense of finality and permanence which, while entirely imaginary, can have a powerful impact.

    I hope all is well. Thanks again.
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  18. Hey man how things going?

    I hit my 90 days and I appreciate the boost.
    Best luck to anybody on their journey!

    I'll make a main post very soon.
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  19. ahmedsh2

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    well done bro
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  20. FrenchOliver

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