90 Days Update

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've done it! Completed 90 days of no PMO!

    To be honest I don't feel that much different to how I felt around the 60 day mark. I continue to do all the positive things I wrote about in https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...-and-it-is-only-a-failure-if-you-quit.154541/

    I went to a party last night and slipped with alcohol but it didn't faze me that much. Next time I know I will be stronger and manage to abstain.

    The biggest benefit I've noticed recently is that things don't seem to bother me that much anymore. I'm calmer, more resistant to petty annoyances and able to shove away negative thoughts faster.

    Still have mood swings and problems with concentration and sticking to one activity for a longer period of time. Also I feel like I've entered another flatline. Other things I'm still working on are:

    - not objectifying women,
    - devoting less time to youtube/news sites/9gag
    - being less sarcastic and mocking of others.

    90 days is not enough in my case and I want to keep going indefinitely.

    Till next time! Stay strong!
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    Wow, 90 days is amazing. I can't wait to get there. Keep it up dude
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  3. vibemaker

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    My Journal
    Keep livin man ;)
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  4. Alright alright alright :cool:
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  5. BradM6016

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    I think I'm in a flatline too. I just don't feel very motivated from time to time. i have had a problem with porn since I was in eighth grade. I'm 21 now. I'm going to keep doing this because I believe in it. There is a lot of potential for people in this world but I think that it takes time.
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  6. Happy to read your success story, Good job on 90 days mark brother.
    Never look back, enjoy this life. :)
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  7. vineyard

    vineyard Fapstronaut

    amazing achievement - congratulations! I wich you stength in continuing your journey.

    and thanks for below list, these are exactly things I also have to work on:
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  8. Mark65

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    Well done! 90 fapless days, that's fabulous.

    The worst should be behind you. Now it's time to build and strengthen the structure of your days, a pattern of work and activities, a pattern of things that give you joy or just simple satisfaction to do. Attach your emotions to positive things and people who play a positive role in your life. It will not guarantee a fapless life ahead, but it will surely strengthen you.

    You can leave the fapless days behind you and enter a future of becoming you.
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  9. If some people are still doubting if noFap really works:

    Before noFap:

    After 3 months (plus running and gym)
  10. LeoJohn

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    Can't wait to be where you're standing, man. Great job; keep it up!
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  11. Chris12345

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    Congratz brother, what an accomplishment, I just had a relapse after 19 days, my first try after finding this website. Anyways congrats on the weight loss as well!
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  12. Thanks guys. I’ve had many relapses before. It is very difficult to do it on your first try especially after a long history of addiction. You’ll get there too - every failure teaches you something new.
  13. sumersingh

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    you can do this bro i feel like you will be soon out of this addiction and congrats you completed 103 days
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  14. cjegypt

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    Well done! Keep it up and later you'll notice a great difference.
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  15. TheLastCaveman

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    Thanks for the inspiration ! I hope to get there too one day
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  16. 5adn8m8

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    Being able to deal with negative thoughts in an effective way is a great skill. Don't you take that for granted. Great post mate. Good luck.
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  17. Heráclito

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    Congratulations brother! You are doing great and I know this is just the beggining! You are beign an inspiration!
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