90 days without PMO

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    Hello everybody!

    As to conclude my long journey through NoFap I had sex at my 88th day. I know, it would have been better to do it at my 90th day but it's a kind of opportunity that one cannot refuses and I thought that I merited it after all.

    That was the first time I had sex with a woman during my journey and it was incredibly amazing.
    That was the first time I REALLY enjoyed having sex with someone.
    That was the first time I truly felt a connection and not just sexual drives.
    That was the first time I didn't struggle with PE and ED at all.
    That was the first time I felt control of the situation, my body, and my drives.
    That was the first time I had sex longer than 15 minutes (5 hours in row).
    Finally, that was the first time I felt completely fulfilled and proud of myself after having sex.

    Believe it or not but all of it is the result of my (almost) 90 days without PMO. After all the struggles I've been through, the blue balls, the wet dreams, the erections in inappropriate times I finally had what I wanted, a fulfilled sex experience, and I can tell you guys that it's all worth it.

    Despite all the things I earned that I wanted to talk about for my 90th day of nofap:
    - self confidence
    - self discipline
    - attractiveness
    - confidence with women
    - sensuality
    - respect for women

    I wanted to share concrete things with you guys because I know that sometimes we're doubting during the hard times and words are not enough, so I tell you, because of NoFap I finally lived a fulfilling experience that conclude this great journey perfectly.

    I'm sure that if you have the determination to do what I did you will not regret all the efforts you put into it.

    So stay strong and don't give up! Because it worth it!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Nice avatar by the way.
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  3. So true, congrats on your achievement .
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    I hope it was not only sex, but true love story :)
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