900 Days Recipe: From Nofap to Power.

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    Everything could become addictive and these addictions would change your mind physically through hormone and neuro substrates which increase the level of addiction as a reflection. At this moment, the bad habit is created.

    Body 1- Solution:
    Back to PMO habit, there are many ways to solve this problem. For example, people could build up a good habit to replace the PMO one. At the same time, this method was repeatedly mentioned in the relapse section from this Forum. However, the action applied in this method is more complicated than fapstronauts originally thought. After helping many people here, there is a thought in my mind regarding failing in building a replaceable habit for PMO. Would it be the price from the pleasure?
    Yes, the price. Every single pleasure comes with a price, including PMO. The more pleasure one obtained, the more price one needs to pay. Therefore, building up a new habit and paying the prices at the same would not be an easy task. Especially when the person never realizes about paying the price. Therefore, people need to be aware that price is associated with the PMO. Probably, paying the price back first then building their new habit would be the best option.

    Body 2 -Paying the price:
    Paying price is not easy, because it requires a mature attitude and behavior towards everything, such as the world, fate, and luck. In my view, luck is the only one you can control through practicing Nofap. From people's experience, they become lucky after many days on Nofap practice. However, it is still not enough for creating a mature attitude and behavior. In order to fulfill all requirements, the person needs to have a specific view from Christianity - against the whole world.
    First of all, the person shall face all the challenge regardless of the consequence. It sounds lack of preparation, but in fact, you only need courage and luck. Because the world has its own determination which against our will most of the time. Especially the one who wants to change their fate or recreate the world. Therefore, the consequence is always there regardless of your attitude. So, we do not stand a chance if we backup. The only way we can depend on is to against the world in the first place. Although people always want to do so or even to reduce the gap between the social class, many of them still failed and some of them even believe that they reach the end of their fate....
    Apparently, this is not true, because neither the world or upper class are perfect. As long as you did well in Nofap, you would be able to turn 1% success rate into 100% through your hard-working and luck. Moreover, Nofap doesn't only increase your luck but also the stamina. Now, you have the stamina to make up the high work quality and determination, and luck to avoid all the traps from the world. In the end, you could definitely create miracle or "made by the Lord". And this is how you could pay the price and restart in the right spot.
    Body 3 -Action on urges:
    Urges are the reason for relapse, which could be influenced by things or people. Here comes the question: how could we stop urges? To answer this question, I need to explain which is the urge.
    It is one kind of thoughts that ignites your desire which results in action on PMO. From this, we can say that it's better to stop the urges in our mind rather than change the things and people related to urges. Moreover, it is really easy to do so. Apparently, we just need to cut off (kill) the thoughts before it turns into the actions. And the practice we need to do is to distinguish and cut the evil thoughts as fast as we can.
    To explain more, in Buddhism, every phenomenon is from one's mind which is the thought such as urges. And these thoughts could provide you a reference based on good and evil. Therefore many times, people tend to change or regret their decisions, because of changes in their thoughts. In Genesis, God does not want the man and the woman to be aware of good and evil. In my opinion, God knows thoughts always change so as good and evil which could never be a good reference for decisions. In one word, urges needed to be cut to avoid relapse.

    Nofap benefits people a lot on luck, body, and mind through the long term. Furthermore, the luck increase the success rate, the body makes good actions, and mind provides consistency. These three elements work together like an inner trinity which would make ones more powerful. At this moment, excuses, philosophy, and psychology become less important. Because the power from nofap is dominating your life now. In conclusion, from Nofap, you only need one direction, one thought, one God, and the power. All you need to remember is this: power is everything!
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  2. Can't agree more. I've always been a lucky person, but during NoFap streaks it becomes insane. Of course since luck is something you can't really prove then I rather believe it's God grace for my effort to become better person, cheers!
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  3. Lots of good points here. Thank you -- and congrats on a job well done! Keep it up!
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    Wow, very well said! Thanks alot
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    awesome!! thanks for the sharing
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    Well done! I want more!!
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    I like your thinking, man. Because worldly people think its luck when in fact its God that give that luck. You are really on something here. As longer you stay clean as the closer you come to the relationship with God.
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