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    so I started this journey exactly three months ago when I decided that I wanted to change my relationship towards my own sexuality. I propably started masturbating to porn when I was 13 or so. Until about last year I would say I could not even have masturbated without watching porn. I did it pretty much everyday after school, just because; really there was no reason. I only started questioning my behavior when I started meditating, training my body and just becoming more conscious in general. After I had tried NoFap several times and after I read 'Your brain on Porn', I decided that I would have to give up porn completely and do a reboot - which I did.

    The first month wasn't really that special, the main part is just not listening to your brain because it's fucked up. I didn't even have that much of a drive to masturbate but I really wanted to freaking watch porn.

    In month two my brain really started to change. I would be happy constantly and many people would even tell me how positive I seem towards them. This really gave me self- confidence. My acne, which got extremely intense during puberty, got way better - like a whole different level. I can't say that it's gone completely but it makes me really happy how it is already. Because here, I already was horny all the time, I finally overcame my anxiety to talk to girls. Even though I would consider myself as a quite extroverted person, I would never express my masculine feelings towards girls that I liked. I asked my crush out, she said yes but unfortunately it didn't go any further between us after - but still, as small as it seems, for me this was a really big deal.

    The main thing that I realised during month three is that I had really many ejaculations during my sleep. Once actually, I had ejaculations two nights following, propably 7-8 in the entire month. Whilst in month one I would dream about porn or superficial sexual situations this has entirely stopped now.
    Also I am way more attracted to girls that before I would have considered as ugly, even though they had always been very nice individuals. I now realize that I degraded them because they were not the 10s I was used to while watching porn - even though I am pretty self- confidentabout myself being able to go for the 10s around me.

    I might continue with this journey, I don't know. I feel like this had been one of the most effective things I had ever done to myself in order to self- improve and live a healthy life. I definitely feel healed - no more porn, ever.

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Nicely written. Good to hear it. Keep it up.
    I'm also very curious what this brain of mine is capable of.
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    99 Days = Zehr Gut !!!!
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  4. congratulations for your streak keep strong and going, we are coming behind you seniors.
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    So to give you guys an update: the counter of my signature is still valid! I'm happily together with my girlfriend and we're having fantastic sex. Also, together with my brother I'm working on an online coaching business, helping men resolve their problems regarding their sexual behaviour.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions! :)
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    do you have the advice to kick the addiction, other than just abstaining? like obviously you have to abstain, but what else has worked for you?
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    Congrats bro, I hope you follow this awesome streak you have been in. Best of luck.
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    What has actually been a huge help is meditation. Also in the beginning, when the urges started kicking, I'd just go out and run as fast as I could for as long as I could. You've got to learn to use all the spare energy!

    Thanks. I'm sure I will. From my standpoint, I might never masturbate again - ever.
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  9. Kritsch

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    Still going strong, if that’s what you can call it. Pornography and masturbation just isn‘t part of my life anymore, which is good.

    Anyone else who decided to do #nofap2k19 and pushed through?
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  10. 500man

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    Well done! I'm a year behind you, but hoping to follow your path.
    So how's it changed things for you?
  11. Napav

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    Congrats man.
    But please dont stop. Keep continuing. KEEP GOING.
  12. Rexbrent

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    I have sex thoughts coming uninvited all the time , did u also had same
  13. PowerfulSRE

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    Thank you for sharing, good luck mate!
  14. Kritsch

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    Hey :),
    I hope you do follow my path, because in my opinion, the change that comes with it cannot simply be described by words. Now the biggest advantage for me in doing Nofap is that I am able to love my girlfriend in a way that I‘m sure I wouldn‘t have been able to while still masturbating to other women. You just have to realize that masturbation is not a thing that you do from a place of love — but I think the process of externalizing your so valuable semen should be. I cannot tell you why my friend, this you will just have to find out yourself.
    Yes, I did experience the same thoughts and I honestly did want to get back to porn many times, but I never did. But at first you will just have to stay disciplined and cross masturbation and pornography out of your field of options.
    Of course this is not a long term solution. I like to compare your urges to a bad dream. It comes, as you‘ve described it, uninvited aswell. Now what I would do to get rid of bad dreams is to become conscious of the dream itself. Write it down and internalize it. The next time this bad dream occurs, you will instantly know that it‘s this bad dream and you‘ll be able to escape it.
    What also has been a big + for me is meditation. Once you are more conscious of yourself your subconsciousness will allways know that you do not want pornography and porn in your life.

    I hope that I‘ve been able to answer your questions in an understandable way. Feel free to get back to me :)

    — Christoph
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