90days vs 5.475days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BeezMeUp, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. BeezMeUp

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    So 1 day left to achieve 90days no PMO...
    Been addicted To porn and masturbation for like 5.475 days,I had a constant desire for porn and masturbation and I had escalated it a lot.
    No way turning back to my old self.
    So it's 90days vs 5.475days..gosh

    The road so far..
    Insomnia ,getting mad very very easily,2 wet dreams,2 flatlines(still in the second one), I have added more junk food in my diet cause I'm feeling low sometimes (anxiety) , also sometimes having thoughts of why have I putted my self in this,...still have urges for porn.

    As long for the benefits I think my PIED is way way better,maybe cured (not sure I haven't done sex yet) but one day I wanted to shave my self down there and I had to get hard a little bit,so I just touched my self a bit and guys I had a very hard and fast erection.I felt like my penis was bigger,that much! ..I didn't have that erection for years..also it stayed some minutes without the need of touching it (I couldn't do that before).
    I can get hard/semihard just by my imagination without touching it..not 100% but still is a progress for me..no more back pains,higher confidence and my libido is slowly turning back, sometimes the urges for sex is very very high,but sometimes is zero.

    In general I get horny much easier and I prefer that than having an exhausted from masturbation penis,so I'm not turning back no matter what.

    Last 90 days mindset can win the 5.475 previous one!
  2. Divine By Design

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    Very nicely done! You may have a bit left to go but huge congratulations for your progress, especially considering the duration of your addiction.
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  3. BeezMeUp

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    Thank you so much! Yes there is still a long way ahead! But I won't give it up!
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  4. Redmask

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    Keep going man thanks for sharing
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  5. spidermanfan123

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    Congrats on the 90 days OP
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  6. BeezMeUp

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  7. BeezMeUp

    BeezMeUp Fapstronaut

    So an update at 136 days.

    I'm still without PMO,the benefits are still here, and even better erections but guys I feel that I'm going to explode..I'm very horny during the day,even at work I can't focus some times,because I'm thinking about sex and how much I want to bust a nut.
    I'm having difficulty some times to sleep cause I'm horny,some days before I had 2 wet dreams in the same night..
    Anyway,I'm still not giving a fuking chance to that fuking addiction to come back in my life.

    Even with quarantine I'm gonna do my best to find a woman(girlfriend) and do the real thing.

    I'm done with this fuking previous pathetic lifestyle.
  8. TheYoungPhilosopher

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    Congratulations! You’re an inspiration man!

    Was wondering if you had noticed any more ancillary benefits? You mentioned no more back pain and higher confidence. Have benefits like this continued?

    Also in your first post you mentioned you were in the midst of a 2nd flatline. Are you out of it now?

    Once again, congratulations! And keep going!
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  9. BeezMeUp

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    Thank you very much dude for the support!

    Yes! I still don't have back pains and my confidence has been skyrocketed since I started nofap.
    And the thing is that it has started to have an impact on my lifestyle in the way I talk and act.(ofc without being an asshole/bully).

    I was more of a needy guy when I was pmoing,and now barely I even care about others opinions,the way they see me,or what they believe about me,neither I will try to keep any type of a negative relationship in my life.(friends/family/girls)
    If you are acting in a wrong way to me you are out.
    The Mr nice guy syndrome is almost out of my life.

    And yes I would say I'm out of my second flatline like 2 weeks now because my horny/sex drive is very high.

    And now guys it's very difficult to deal with the urges.
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  10. archy0

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    Jesus Christ! That's something unbelievable :emoji_smile:

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