95 years old hustler semen retention secret

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    95 Y.O: this is the gay liberation flag

    Interviewer: you got the flag cos’ you’re here to support?

    95 Y.O: no I’m here to get that food when they bring it out here

    Interviewer: oh you got it so they give you food. So the flag is just a hustle

    95 Y.O: yeah it’s a hustle. I’m 95 years old

    Interviewer: you look fine for 95.

    95 Y.O: that’s because I don’t run behind big asses and titties, that’ll kill you. Y´all young men y´all be screwing all this hoes out here that’s why y´all come up with arthritis and rheumatism, your eyesight go bad, your hair starts coming out. Every time you drop that seed in her your bone marrow and all that stuff from your head to your toe goes inside of her.
    When you have intercourse with your girlfriend who always falls asleep first?
    The man, and when you wake up she stole your wallet, stole your car keys and she gone about her business.
    You have to eat right, stay away from McDonald’s and burger king, don’t drink sodas.

    Interviewer: no McDonald’s, no pussy..

    95 Y.O: yeah yeah, you can eat but stay away from that pussy. If you ain’t going to marry that woman don’t stick your dick upon her, you don’t know what disease she got. Don’t stick your dick your little 2 inch dick in every asshoe out here.
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  2. pain

    this man :emoji_joy:
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    What he said about the bone marrow just clicked in my head, more precise than most actually will realize.
  4. gordie

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    Willing to bet he is actually younger than 95 and just a typical crazy person in a big city.
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    hi guys
    one of my friends has 45 y/o but look like as 25 y/o.
    he is in pmo for 15 y .and very active.
    he always go to gym and swim and other exercises.
    he married 3 y/old ago.
    semen is Water of Life.

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