99 days no PM. My thoughts. Hope they help.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Indurian, May 27, 2019.

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    This is a beautifully written post. Do you have more updates since your last comment? I am at day 40 and I can only feel thankful to all you guys. I am experiencing incredible benefits. I can't wait to hit 90 days. I hope to quit fapping for good. Cheers!
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    Hi. Thanks for your message. I'm out tonight but will try to put a post together tomorrow. Well done on 40 days!
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    I'm approaching 6 months in a few days, which is the longest I've gone without P and M since I was 14. It feels pretty good in the sense that I don't feel enslaved by it just now, and if possible I would far rather live my life that way going forward.

    What I'm surprised at is that staying away from P has been fairly effortless in the last 3 months, and the strong urges of the first 3 months have stopped. I think that checking in here most days and continuing to research the consequences of P are possibly the main factors in maintaining sobriety. I've also continued the following:

    >Cold showers every day
    >No alcohol
    >Running 2-3 times each week
    >Weights a couple of times each week
    >Vegetarian diet
    >Meditation most mornings
    >Practice patience whenever I can. Patience with children, at work, at traffic lights, in shopping queues etc etc
    >No staring and ogling women. This has also been a very important factor, and I always now avert my gaze. You think you'll miss out, but the more you stop ogling the more peaceful you feel. I can honestly say that any anxiety when talking to women (which I had big time) has gone.

    During other similar streaks I have become overconfident, thinking that I had porn abstinence mastered. I was wrong many times. I know how easy it would be to slip back into old ways so I will try to remain vigilant and keep to the above practices.

    As a result of my abstinence I've continued to see a number of benefits, which are as follows:

    >Greater sense of wellbeing
    >No guilt
    >More calm
    >No wasted nights edging
    >No wasted mornings following binging and edging at night
    >I can hopefully be of help if any friends or family get in a mess with this addiction
    >I'm not contributing to the porn industry

    Of most significance though, I'm no longer using P + M to mask my problems. This has allowed me to experience and deal with some of the issues that had been driving me towards porn in the first place.

    Despite giving up P +M for 6 months I do now see that I also use food as a stress reliever / mood enhancer, particularly junk food. I need to put some effort in that area, so if anyone has any good advice I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks for reading
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    keep going brotha, get healthy "junk" to munch on like celery and peanut butter.
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    Well written and insightful post sir. I've tried a few times and failed after letting people, things bother me. I would then say this is all that life has to offer and go back to my old reliable P stars. It really is a loop you get stuck in. I peeked this morning, edged for 30 seconds and then cursed myself saying "stop!". I will say alcohol is a major contributing factor. I've been drinking daily and you let your guard down so much. Going to reset my counter from 11 days to zero.
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    Sorry to hear about what you are going through, I hope the best for you.

    While it is definitely possible to get better, I've got to admit that the process is not all a bed of roses. I'm 6 months free and I get more good days as time passes, however on my off days I am experiencing a fair bit of depression and general sluggishness. It's like I can't shrug off stress like I used. I'm going to persevere though, and as perverse as it sounds the suffering and depression seems to mould you into a better person.
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    Wow, I'm speechless. As an 18 year old hearing your story about how you grew up consuming P and how it effected your life is crazy. It's great that you're doing better now and you've learned a lot at your age because most people at your age don't like change. Congrats!
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    Congrats on 6 months! I am currently recording everything that I eat and I’m tracking calories. It really has opened my mind and I’m a lot more conscious of what I’m eating. Not sure if you’ve tried doing this but writing down what you eat may help. I use an app called MyFitnessPal.
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    dude thank for the post, youre a hero in my eyes...great inspiration to many of us here. thank yiou!

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