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  1. I was always Confused about what the Bible said about the afterlife. What was Paradise? Sheol? Why did Jesus say on the cross to the other, Today you will be with me in Paradise..

    This video I've rewatched over and over again, and it makes sense to me now.

    I don't know if any other Christians were confused on this subject matter, but I sure was.

    Here is the video for anybody that is interested.

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  2. When i read that part of the Bible i got shivers down my spine. it was so powerful

    It shows Gods readiness to forgive even the worst sinners. Think about it, the man was about to die. His whole destination was altered because he believed Jesus, and He knew it was his last chance. He knew Jesus had done no wrong, that Jesus was innocent and also that Jesus was Lord, and that’s why he said “remember me when you go to Heaven”.

    Also it is a clear example showing his what God cares about is the state of our hearts. Jesus saw that the man had a repentant heart (this is implied) and also that he had faith
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  3. It's symbolic to me. Like you have nothing, and even if your life is about to be taken away from you Jesus can never be taken away from you.

    Lord knows we don't deserve a darn thing, and yet while we were still sinners He Loved us enough to sacrifice himself for us.

    Jesus to me is the embodiment of Love. I have been such a selfish man, and I can only hope God knows I am trying. I want my relationship with him to be perfect and as he would would have it, I hope I can accomplish all the he has for me

    Really drives this home for me especially around Christmas
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