A BIG Thank You to all the NoFap Team

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Millenial, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Millenial

    Millenial Fapstronaut

    Just want to express my gratitude to Alex, all the mods and everyone else who is behind NoFap.
    Life is still hard for me but NoFap has made it much better.
    You are all doing something great that the internet and the world needs right now.

    By the way I know you need money to operate and I will send you some when I have some spare. That is a promise! :):):)
  2. Hello Millenial!

    Thank you for your appreciation and your generosity! We work very hard to do what we do: make the NoFap forums a supportive and helpful place for people looking to heal from porn addiction and compulsive pornography habits. It is great to hear that we are having a positive impact. That validates all the time and energy Alexander, myself and the moderator and moderator assistant teams put in towards keeping this site running. If just one person can put their problems with pornography behind them through all our efforts, then everything we do is worth it.

    Congrats on the 45 days! Halfway to 90, the golden standard, so to say. Best wishes as you deal with the challenges life is throwing at you. Glad to hear that they are easier to deal with now that you are quitting porn!

    Be seeing you around the forums! :)

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