A brief message about suicide

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  1. Hello,

    Recently, there was a situation where a user discussed plans to commit suicide.

    I just want to take a few moments to address the subject of suicide.

    General Reminders
    • NoFap does not provide mental healthcare. NoFap is not a replacement for mental healthcare from a qualified professional. If you are experiencing any kind of mental health issue, especially regarding self harm or suicidal thoughts, the appropriate place to get help is from your local mental healthcare professionals. Just because you receive one-on-one therapy doesn't mean that you have to stop using NoFap, you can still do so under their guidance and support.
    • If you are thinking about suicide or self-harm, seek help immediately. It doesn’t hurt to talk to a trained professional. Here is a list of hotline phone numbers. A trained professional can provide you with the help you need in a discreet and confidential manner.
    • If you notice another user who is discussing plans to commit suicide, bring it to the attention of NoFap immediately by reporting the post, messaging a moderator, and/or emailing us.
    • As hard as it might be to tell if a situation is real and a crisis, do not engage in “tough love” tactics, call the poster a troll, call them attention seeker, etc. First off, you really have zero idea if it is a “real” situation or not. There is always the very-possible chance that it is a person in mental crisis.
    • Anyone encouraging a person to commit suicide will be banned from NoFap. Don’t do it.
    • It is important to remember that NoFap is primarily a recovery platform. Keep that in-mind while interacting with other users.
    To anybody out there who struggles with suicidal thoughts, just know that everything changes in time. What feels impossible now, won’t feel impossible in the future. What is unbearable now, becomes bearable in the future. What you are feeling now, you likely won’t be feeling in the future. No matter how bad things are right now, there is always room for improvement. As popularized by activist Dan Savage, “it gets better.”

    Edit - May 04, 2017

    Just to make it clear.

    If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, contact a hotline or authorities immediately.

    Suicide.org maintains an international list of hotline numbers. Click here to get in touch with somebody trained to help you.
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