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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Masquerade, May 19, 2015.

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    Today is my 42th day of no PMO.I feel much different in they way I am before and now.I don't think I was a real addict though I used p sometimes.I got new views about everything.Life is not meant for ourselves but also it is for everyone around us.We are just a holder of our life that's all.Spreading happiness,being kind to others, loving each moments of life in the way it is...

    What I consider success here is not of going many days without pmo,relapsing and trying the cycle again.it is not the real way to reboot ourselves.it only makes us realize what our cravings are for.that's also a good thing to progress in life.But we should have a change totally.
    Try things which you haven't done before.Walk out and talk with someone.Many people are waiting there for a company.share your love,sorrows and everything that you feel.Support others so that you will get double the happiness.

    Engage yourselves with things you love to do.Sing a song,dance to your favorite beats,use your imagination,Pray to the Lord for all well being.Make your time soo productive that you don't have time to think about PMOing.

    Watch the difference and I promise you will see a 'New YOU' and get mesmerized by your own.
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