A coming back(60 days over)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Masquerade, Jun 6, 2015.

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    Hello friends.Today is my 61st day Hard mode. In.In this thread i am not concentrating to explain what are the benefits of Nofap ( as we all know it and that's why we started this).Am sharing some of my life experience here.

    After this 60 days i don't know how to explain how much my life has changed.When i look back to those old days back there,i feel so different.Not only me but i think the whole world has changed with me.Maybe its because Nature may be rewarding me for my struggles.Before this journey i was so alone.That was my major trigger. I could no longer cope with my Loneliness even if i practised arts.And in some instances i even made situations to get alone so that i can watch porn to get over it.That was 'right thing' for me at that time but i didnt realize its bad effects.Now when i think back i feel puzzled, 'Why i was doing that?
    My rationalisation powers were lost.That may be the reason.
    I still remember those days when my parents call me along with them for outing but i reject and stay at home alone JUST FOR MY DIRTY SAKE OF ENJOYMENT.

    Those were my bad days really.And Now God has opened my eyes to understand everything.My life is going smoothly and i know what really makes me Happy.

    Now Its time for you to experience it by yourselves Friends.Don't try to hold you back yourself.Strength is in your heart.Use it Wisely.
    Wake up,Rise up and Use your Strength.Like a Phoenix,awake from the ashes..!!

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