A couple of articles I wish I'd read when I first started NoFap

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    good links, edging also encourages more and more risk taking to raise the stakes (and therefore dopamine). Similar to using harder drugs, increasing the danger for me involved more chat-based and fantasy stuff and less visuals or video.
    In the end analysis, our ability to imagine and construct opens up an infinite variety of deviant sexual fantasies. There are so many adult chatrooms now with such large populations, the ability to co-create and interact with others of a similar bent reinforces these edging scenarios. It also legitimizes to some extent one's own deviancy: appearing more normal if one can find kindred spirits. Finally, given that availability and ease the next challenge become raising the stakes, prolonging the edging and making the content of those fantasies more extreme.

    For me in the end orgasm was not the object of the exercise : it was in the chase, in the elevation and in the deviation.

    In a similar way to gaming, trying to get to the next level then becomes more problematic, consumes more time and needs new benchmarks to exceed the last hit.... that then is the nature of the addiction, trying to get a new high that was higher than the last.
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  3. In my early days here I thought I wasn't edging because I didn't masturbate while "peeking" at P. Wrong, it's all edging and will do a lot of damage. As they define edging in the article:

    1. Watching porn without masturbating
    2. Masturbating while viewing porn, but not ejaculating
    3. Masturbating without porn and without ejaculating

    And yeah, chat rooms were a big part of my problem too.
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    You nailed this on the head. Thanks for sharing. We are not alone. Perhaps we find our kindred spirits here instead.

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