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A detailed report of Semen Retention after 365 Days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jahnny, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    Hi there :)

    I hope you're all doing well! After 1 year of semen retention, I would like to tell you about the whole experience and the journey itself. About the Pros and Cons and if you're struggling with Semen Retention, what you can do to stop the bad habit. I will do it in four chapters: Journey, Experience, Pros and Cons and Guide. That way, you can either read the whole article, or just the things you need. So, enjoy and I hope that it will benefit you!

    Journey: I learned the habit of fapping by the age of 10/11, somewhere at that time. I remember at that time it felt like being in heaven. However, it led to an addiction, and I did it as often as possible. Maybe there are some reasons why it happened: One could be that having strict parents about love/girlfriend, I wouldn't dare to open up to others. The other one could be that I was mostly, besides school, at home and playing video games. So, if you're alone in your room, while your family members are either busy or not at home, you know what it can lead to…

    This was still while I was a kid. By an accident, through Youtube and its recommendations, I first got in touch with nudity. Because you know, a lot of music videos do have some kind of nudity. And then it wasn't just fapping, it was combined with those videos. Thankfully it wasn't porn yet or smt, but my brain already got used to this habit.

    The real pain was during early puberty when you first develop semen etc. Now at the age of 14/15, I learned about porn. Searched for it and got hooked. So at that time, I was a heavy fapper. Several times per day, with or without porn, it didn't matter. I just needed the orgasm, that dopamine rush. I got so addicted, that I even risked of getting caught by my parents. Several times, over and over. I was so tired at that time, because there was NO ENERGY in my body. And I mean it. I remember I would sleep 12 hours and still be tired. I was lazy as fuck, doing nothing except for gaming and fapping. I was extremely scared of approaching girls or even looking or talking to them. And I was heavily depressed. One way of ignoring the pain of depression for me was also through fapping, which will just worsen everything.

    Interestingly, I always had a regret. I thought that I'm doing a sin (I'm quite a religious person). I would always pray to God, that he should forgive for my sin and that my parents should never know about this habit of mine. Because I was so ashamed at that time of me and that habit. Something told me deep inside, that I was an addicted loser. That's when I started to quit it. However, I didn't know about NoFap back then. It was a sole decision of mine. And of course, I relapsed. Countless number of times. But then, before I was nearly 16, I learned about the NoFap community through Youtube. So I tried to set goals to achieve it: 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days and so on. It was painful to break such a habit, and to be honest, it also needed some luck. But I tried it and didn’t give up. And after one year, with the help of some tools which I will mention later in Guide, I achieved the 30 days goal and two months later the 90 days goal.

    That was the first streak which lasted for 110 days. The reason why I relapsed, was because I wasn't prepared for the kind of flatline you'll get after 100 days. I will talk more about the flatline in the chapter Experience. It took me again some time until I reached the 30 days, and that streak is going on till today, currently for one year.

    Experience: So how does it feel like being abstinent for some time? Do you get superpowers? Well, kinda… So, on both streaks I did, I felt extremely happy and productive after 10 days of abstinence. If you were depressed and lazy, it will feel like superpowers, because you haven’t experienced something like that for years or never! However, this feeling will evade pretty quickly after 2 weeks. Then you will feel again depressed, because you’re having a flatline. That’s exactly what a flatline is: having again a bad mood, depressed, not feeling those powers again etc. But after 3 weeks, the powers will come back, better and longer! You can imagine it like a game: You will gain new powers over time. So I was extremely happy, always wanted to do things, I needed less sleep and still be productive. And interestingly, (you’ve probably heard about it) women will more look at you and even stare some time, that’s true! It happened in both streak in this exact same time period. My confidence got boosted, however, sometimes I got overconfident, which lead to me being rude and not respectful towards others the way I talked. It was more commanding and stuff like that. And that’s something you shouldn’t aim for. The staring and attraction went for about 70 days, after that it suddenly stopped. On my first streak, I got a bit frustrated, but I was prepared for it in my second streak. However, you’ll still be confident and productive, which should go on till day 100. And remember: All those days, I did have urges. However, I enjoyed rather than resisting it. You will do that once you achieved a certain amount of abstinence. After that, there will be a flatline, but this time it’s worse. Suddenly all those powers were gone, I had a little depression on both streaks at the exact same time period. Now you suddenly begin telling yourself that this whole journey is bs, not real etc. And that you should relapse, even though you don’t have an urge. That’s why I relapsed the first time. During my second streak, I was prepared for that flatline. Thankfully the flatline went away, and after that, it really did change me to another person. Because I got again happy and productive. However, suddenly I got more interest into spirituality. Women attraction suddenly didn’t interest me much, I got a new level of focus and productivity. The discipline suddenly channeled in all aspect of my life, not only by practicing SR. You’ll learn to live in peace and harmony with nature, and before SR, I was never that kind of nature fan. Life and things around you will become precious, you will especially learn to enjoy the very moment with your life, your inner being, your important persons etc. And somehow, the urges for fapping were gone. I don’t know why, even though I had now higher libido than ever before. I now get attracted to different things at a woman, not only her body itself, which wasn’t before SR. This is going on till today.

    One thing that you’ll experience is a Wet Dream. It isn’t a relapse, but I always felt some side effects from it, which will evade pretty quickly. Right now, I’m having every 1-1.5 week a wet dream. Sometimes, it’s quite annoying, but the side effects are getting less and less. You will actually be thankful for the good and bad days because of it, because it will be like a circulation, which is restarting from 0.

    Pros and Cons: In my opinion, there are both positive and negative aspects by doing SR, even though the positive effect predominate the negative one way more.


    · more productive/more energy

    · less tiredness and less required sleep

    · overall, a more happy and peaceful mood

    · higher libido!

    · Feeling more masculine

    · Being more conscious

    · Interestingly, getting more respect and attraction

    · More confidence

    · More discipline

    · Deeper, calmer voice

    · More empathetic


    · More irritable and angrier, if you’re not using that energy (through exercise, work etc.)

    · Fantasizing only about women and sex in some time period and again if not using your energy à can lead to edging and maybe relapse!

    · If you have achieved a long time of abstinence, you’ll try not to relapse just for the sake not losing that streak à you’re then captivated in that streak

    · (Wet Dream): They are often annoying, but sometimes they are helpful for me, because it kind of lets you do a reboot during the abstinence, because all the emotions will be flushed away, also the negative ones.

    Guide: So if you reader are someone who is currently struggling with the bad habit, always remember, you are not the only one. And I’m sure you might be thinking that you can never achieve it, which is a big BS! Because everyone can break that addiction. I will tell you all the things I did to achieve it:

    · This one is very important: USE A BLOCKER! This was for me the key to actually succeed the beginning. I use two blockers: ColdTurkey Blocker and CleanBrowsing Client. If you want higher chance of success, try to block reddit and youtube too temporarily.

    · Invest that energy into smt. like bodybuilding, jogging, working etc. Otherwise you will feel more and more energy in your body, which may lead to high urges. So don’t just do nothing and change your life!

    · Write down the reasons why you’re doing this and put it somewhere you will see every day. That way you can always remind yourself the reasons for your path (very helpful especially during the heavy flatline)

    · Try to keep yourself busy as much as possible. That way you will be distracted from fantasizing.

    · (Cold Showers): Even though many people claim that having a cold shower helped them overcome the urges, for me personally it helped only temporarily. So I can’t guarantee you if this would work for you for SR. However, cold showers are the best if you train regularly. Trust me, you will feel less sore.

    If you feel confident, you can delete those blockers after some time. I’m still using it though for porn websites. Those websites shouldn’t dare to ever come again into my life!

    Two things I want to tell you lastly:

    1. Don’t count the days! Just remember when approximately you started the journey. Because when I started counting the days in detail, it created some pressure inside me. The longer I did the streak, the more I had to succeed to not lose the counted days.

    2. During this journey, I also had difficult days. The were two days, where I edged a bit and nearly relapsed. This should show that not every day is the same and therefore, don’t judge yourself if smt. doesn’t go the way you want. And if you relapse, at least you tried your best man! Next time, it will be better. The most important lesson for me is the consistency of never giving up. Try it 1000 times but never give up. This addiction may beat you 1000 times, but it can’t stop you from growing above your limit and eventually, if you’ve grown enough, you will beat this addiction with ease. :)

    You’re a legend if you’ve read the whole article. I hope this article helped you a bit and gets you closer to your goals. Never give up and God bless you!
  2. James Sanchez

    James Sanchez Fapstronaut

    friend thanks for writing all that and especially for those 2 blocker names, I was searching and none of them worked for me, it's only been 8 days but I will follow your advice to the letter, I really want to get out of that bad habit

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  3. Very nice post sir.
    this words, is a solution to my obsession with relapse, thanks
  4. sh0gun

    sh0gun Fapstronaut


    Top work my man, thanks so much for sharing. Some invaluable insight. Everyone on this forum should read this.
  5. sh0gun

    sh0gun Fapstronaut

    8 days is great man, keep it up!
  6. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your kind replies! If you have any question, just let me know, I'm glad to answer it :)
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  7. ChasteGuy

    ChasteGuy Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much for posting this. As a single Christian guy I'm looking for inspiration if it's possible to stop my MO addiction permanently, I mean cutting out MO for the rest of my life. I have read the whole article, very interesting stuff. My first goal is 30 days then 90 days and finally 365 days. I wish you the best on your journey.
  8. Kyojuro Rengoku

    Kyojuro Rengoku Fapstronaut

    Thanks for all that man...i relapsed just now and this article was all i wanted to get started again..this time better and stronger ❤️
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  9. PrioritySystem

    PrioritySystem Fapstronaut

    Very good post, to the point and clearly written. Good stuff!
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  10. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    Thank you very much Chaste. And remember: It's a journey, a consistent way of living. So after you've hit your let's say 30 days, don't count the days. You will enjoy it even more because there is no pressure :)
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  11. ChasteGuy

    ChasteGuy Fapstronaut

    Thank you Jahnny. As you say it's a consistent way of living. For me the 2 most important pillars are willpower and motivation. I am convinced after I hit my 30 or 90 days and gave up all my sexuality life will become a new wonderful experience. Chastity can be something beautiful. Don't misunderstood me, I'm not a priest or monk.
  12. Positive path

    Positive path Fapstronaut


    Thanks for this mate
  13. Jahnny

    Jahnny Fapstronaut

    Glad I could help you!

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