A fcked up kid story

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    Hello guys,i posted some calculations some months ago,but i think i should have introduced myself to you and share stories/experiences

    So my story starts like that
    Im a pretty healthy young kid and full of energy
    Most of my childhood i lived in the countryside and i grew healthy
    Until one day i had 4 amalgam fillings which contributed to a great deal of my health problems in the following decade(however i know this is not a heavy metal toxicity forum so we are gonna avoid this information in the future) I just felt like sharing this because i think lots of people can watch as much as porn as they like and still have a pretty normal life,i however am not one of them(and maybe a combination of toxicity + watching porn like crazy made me what i am today).
    So at the age of like 11 a friend of mine shows me some clips of a naked woman climbing a chair and then falling off (it was a funny video but we actually watched this because of she being naked) and i have to mention i was still pretty healthy back then
    after a while i decided to search for porn and so i did at home when my parrents were absent and i started jacking off (i have to point that at the time of this story i still had no sperm and every time i climaxed i just felt some random weird sensation) However one day at the age of 13 i think i ejaculated a little and since that day i been masturbating every day with very few and very little breaks.
    When i was way younger at the age of 13 still or 14 i already started jacking off like 3-4 times a day,later on in high school i just started jacking off only once a day after school.
    At the age of 18 i was about to do it with a real girl and little guy just couldnt get up,pretty weird she was better than half of the girls i watched masturbating every single day and she was crazy for me and i made her blow me but the guy just did not stand up
    since then i have done sex once when i was heavily drunk (and the girl was pretty crazy and worked in a sex shop so i think she could have drugged me with something that gives me erection)
    I have to note that i had lost my morning wood for like 4 years and didnt even think morning wood is a normal thing anymore,thats how brainwashed i was.
    I however had no problem achieving rock solid boner when i was home alone jacking off to whatever freaky stuff i like.

    After some years i was like 20 y/o at this point i went to Sweden to work for a while
    and i had roomates so i did not jack for 15-20 days,guess what my morning wood came back and it appeared like its not going away anytime soon.

    Then i returned home and started jacking off again like a madman morning wood went away,random boners went away and i was a wreck again.

    I write this right after a relapse (an pretty idiotic relapse)
    I was at 10 days streak right now and i just jacked off 4 times im a pretty addicted person i think,but i had to share,also i saw my immune system going down tremendously after 3rd jack off and then sleeping,so this morning i woke up my throat was burning a little and my nose is very very stuffy.
    I think that jacking off so much zinc is madness,and keeping your seamen makes you stronger thats why people like Iron Mike Tyson abstained from ejaculation,it is not just psychical its physical aswell.

    Well a new month starts and im already at a vacantion after 8 months of pretty hard and heavy physical labour,so imma start working out,eating healthy,sleeping like a normal human being and imma stop jacking off and stop being a failure.

    To any1 who read tru all of this i wanna say thank you,and imma have to say i hope for better days to all of us!
  2. Hello and welcome! :)

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    Thanks for the reply imma post some progress i wanna hit day 20 first (because people keep saying androgen receptors start repairing after day 15+ too see how it is)
    I have a hairless patch on my beard and im doing noshave this november to see if i will be able to grow a beard and if the patch is gonna fill itself if i abstain from losing so much zinc and other minerals on daily basis without ever replenishing them!Thanks for the wishes i wish you and everyone else here the best aswell!
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