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  1. From what I have read, sexual transmutation is largely a passive process.

    It seems like it all happens without someone "doing" something specific.

    Except for one thing, which is to stay in the streak/reboot.

    Another thing is that it seems like you might have to go well beyond 90 days

    for it to really get strong.

    But the 90 day reboot is super powerful, and if that's all someone can do,

    I don't think it's a loss.

    Also I think that a lot of transmutation happens within the 90 days,

    especially if it's the first major streak/reboot.

    Any comments?
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    I agree. Getting to 90 days is a feat and an accomplishment in and of itself. I’d like to make it more a lifestyle thing, permanent. I think transmutation might take more active work, like meditation and throwing oneself into hobbies and work when the waves of sexual energy hit.
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