A gamification model based on the 7 primal emotions

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Ongoingsupport, Dec 30, 2017.

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    If there's a biological and psychological aspect of reboot, then integrating the two would be no doubt really powerful.

    I'm thinking of the 7 primal emotions Jaak Panksepp has outlined as a basic map. The HALT slogan touches on two of them, Anger speaks to rage and Loneliness speaks to panic, separation anxiety and attachment - whereas Hunger and Tiredness is more biological.

    A simple practice and gamification translation may be to see how many one can identify in a week (since there are 7) and a bonus given if all 7 are identified - and maybe even more if all 7 are identified in a DAY. When I say identified I mean EITHER when a need was fulfilled OR when you were off balance, since there is an awareness of it. While we all have certain ones that are obvious issues seeing all of them is key and no extra points would be given for multiple episodes of anger if someone has an anger issue, since that's just an obvious one and something the person is really familiar with anyway. I suppose points may be given for addressing the situation on top of recognizing the problem, and maybe even more if the solution is a new one - or one that took some form of social engagement can be a kind of bonus too.

    Extra points if it prevented a relapse.

    So in this way the point system would reward for self awareness, tying in the biology and emotions with psychological insight.
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    BTW this system might reward more for identifying in a shorter period of time, so it isn't the simple linear days system - which is fine as a measurement for biological reboot maybe but not an integrative one. So it would be possible to gain more points in a short period of time, since it basically rewards on the basis of emotional and psychological awareness.

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