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    (This post gets removed from the subreddit, I don't know why)

    I'm not sure whether to use the term 'NoFap' or another description because it is actually a label and not standing for a specific case.

    But anyway, I've noticed the following often before but this time it was one of the clearest cases. It is a strong and elegant way of convincing yourself of the positive effects of not fapping and watching pr0n. This also strengthens my belief that you shouldn't implement this lifestyle for getting any relationship, (also without doing NoFap), and only use it for important long term goals or helping others, including non-human animals.

    In summary it comes down to being outside around other people (for instance walking to a store) with a certain mindset consisting of 2 conditions. Since it revolves around the way of interacting with others in general, it applies to everyone you encounter, regardless of age, gender, but in this case specifically to the subset you have attractive feelings for. For instance women your age.

    1 Because it is so difficult to not react to the physical feelings anymore, and the thoughts, images on screen and not to keep looking too long at a woman you see in real life, or having objectifying thoughts about her, that gets visible in your facial expression and other body language. It makes sense that after doing something difficult for a long time for a serious reason, the expression on your face is different than in the opposite case. People see that and admire it, therefore also women.

    The thing with this is that you shouldn't do this to only show off how good you are because that's egoistical and gets reflected as well, then your point of focus turns to that instead of being a demonstration, and it should be an equally balanced exchange of positivity between you and the other(s). You doing this gets noticed by the woman, which makes her feel better and shows that as a positive reaction, then you observe that and do the same thing back, and so it goes on until you've moved away again. The latter is closely related to the second condition.

    2 Usually you have the distinction between 1: the people who you know and are closely related like family and friends, and 2: the ones who aren't related like strangers you encounter outside.

    In this situation you should forget about that distinction and perceive everyone on the whole world as equal when it comes to how close they are related to you in any way, and therefore also everyone you encounter outside at that moment. It's like imagining that everyone sees each other for the first time and at the same time being OK with it, or everyone having seen each other for an equal amount of time.

    For example when you see a group of people in the distance, women or not, imagine as if they know and like each other as well as they know and like you, and vice versa.

    This mindset in combination with a long enough period of abstaining from watching pr0n and fapping, will increase the noticeable effects of the latter, when you're in such a situation.
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