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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Abdoh Ash, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Hello, World!

    I'm a 17 year old guy and I've not had a very good sexual life recently, so I decided to do something different about it.

    My story:
    I got exposed to porn at the age of 8, It was weird and interesting at first but feelings of disgust made me stop watching porn few months later.

    When I hit puberty, things started to get problematic, because I had learnt about masturbation from my friends at school by that time and somehow porn became a drug and I became an addict and slowly I started escalating from straight porn to shemale, gay, lesbian and BDSM porn.

    The problem wasn't watching new types of porn, the problem was feeling my sexual orientations changing.

    I never felt gay and I'll never do but I had some overly sexual obsessions that involve me being gay and doing anal and lots of disgusting things (at least to me).

    The real problem was rooted in me being passive and me giving in to these obsessions, which led me to masturbate with a male friend of mine.

    Recently I have started to be aware of what I feel and what the problem actually is, I'm not gay and that's what I know. What I also know is that porn messed up my sexual life and caused me a lot of issues.

    That's why today I wanna try something different and do NoFap.

    Why did I post this thread?
    Well, because I just wanted to let the world know that my name's Abdoh, I struggled with a lot of sexual confusion and I'll change.

    I will be a real man.

    The past is everything we were, it doesn't make us who we are.

    Any suggestions in the comments would really be appreciated.
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  2. Facing other type of sexuality issue but I haven't brought it in real life thankfully. It's alright everyone here has made mistakes and your willingness to change indicates that you're on the right path. Do nofap complete recovery and don't ever do stuff you've seen in porn. Do stuff that you've wanted to do before watching it somewhere else.
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  3. Hey Abdoh,
    welcome man :).
    Your story is really inspiring to me as I know exactly how you feel.
    My orientation also shifted because I always craved something new.
    But listen: You already made the big effort of recognizing that there is a problem and you will change that!
    Maybe start with setting up a timer and writing a journal.
    Also cold showers seem to help as I have been told :D.
    Do you think a AP will help for you ? If yes have a look on the threads.
    Stay strong!
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