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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Ashmanc, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Age 37. Always masturbated and enjoyed looking at naked ladies. Porn addiction really kicked in properly at 31 when I relocated for work and started living alone. Prior to this it was maybe a couple of times a week to softcore photos. Getting an iPad at 34 stepped it up a gear as my porn became mobile and I could sneak a peak anywhere. About this time PIED also kicked-in although I don't realise it until it happened with a girl I utterly adored a month ago, which kick started a major research phase and a light bulb moment. Thought I was turning gay for a while. Porn is not an option mentality from the start of this process:

    Weeks one, two and three

    Insomnia, brain fog and dead dick but 21 days zooms by with no desire to wank or look at prom.

    In weeks 2 and 3 I start hitting new personal bests at the gym having been stagnant for months. Lifting more, cycling faster. Feeling strong and I want to workout for longer and do more.

    Week 3 benefits

    Suffered with an armpit sweating issue for years and it's suddenly gone.

    My voice has definitely dropped a couple of octaves. I keep talking to myself as I like it.

    My flaccid penis is bigger in length and breadth, hangs prouder and feels softer. I love it and keep admiring it in the mirror.

    I feel confident, less nervous and want to socialise with people and go out.

    Week four

    Sleeping well.

    Days 22 and 23 I feel exceptionally horny, but with no desire to wank or look at porn. This feels like a carnal desire to penetrate a woman, to be with her and to enjoy the experience of being with her. It passes by going for a walk and listening to some music but I enjoyed the sensation. Great erection too whilst thinking about a real woman rather than a porn scene.

    I head to a shopping centre on day 22 for the Christmas sales. I usually hate it, but love interacting with the sales assistants and I swear down that four women check me out. This is new to me and I feel good. Thought I was imagining it at first but it was definitely there.

    Day 28. I wake up with my first 100% morning wood that won't go down. It's been hovering at 60% since I started this, so feels great if a little embarrassing as I'm staying away for new year and the damn thing won't subside. Feeling like a man again and can't stop smiling. Brilliant confidence boost.

    Music sounds better. Food tastes better. Women in the street look better and I want to speak to them. Hot women everywhere!

    I'm enjoying my hobbies more, almost like I've rediscovered them. It's inspiring me to add new activities to my social life.

    I've always been terrible to dual screening, flicking from one thing to another on my ipad or TV, but now I seem happy to concentrate on one thing at a time. I just settle in front of the TV without any desire to mess on my iPad or phone.

    Will post again as things progress.
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    I raise my hand here as well! This thing I noticed few weeks ago. Always had a problem with armpit sweating, it is no problem anymore!

    I like your post. IMHO all those benefits starts in your head, i personally dont believe that we can see these results in just few weeks, but as we all on NOFAP start to think differently, we put ourselfs into diferent zones in our lives. We emit different energy, cause we think differently and that is where everything starts!!!

    I like your approach anyway, keep up the good work bro!
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    I can see that snowball effect building up in you, keep that momentum going!
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    thanks for your post. i have experienced many of the things that you describe while on sucessful streaks. thanks for the reminder!
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    dude that's awesome, when I read your post its as if I am looking to my porn addiction journey, every thing happened to you happened to me, especially the full erection that won't get away and when you admire yourself in front of a mirror, but be aware of that, because this awesome feeling might deceive you into thinking that you are cured, trust me you are not (that's the way I relapsed:(), you will be cured only when you no longer feel the need to PMO. good luck in your journey and keep up the good wok:).
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    I've felt all of those symptoms during the surge! for me, the return to a normal state is subtle and hard to pinpoint but it will happen eventually and you will long for that high feeling once again. Don't lose hope! The only way to balance out your seratonin levels is to continue and don't quit! Nice work man!
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    Congratulations dude! Keep on going!
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    Awesome post! I am only on day 7 but am noticing physiological changes already. Your story is really encouraging as it lets a guy know that the body changes are a normal part of the healing process. I bet that you are ready to be with a woman now and won't have the PIED problem you did the other time. My journey started with I was with a woman for the first time since my divorced, almost a year, on New Years and couldn't really perform. I was horrified and it shocked me into finally dealing with this. Time to call that girl back and set up round2...:)
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    Good stay on the course
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    Awesome! 30 days is huge Ashmanc! Keep up the good work brother! Porn really isn't worth it.
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    Thanks so much for the support everyone; I've now completed a further week without PMO and I have no desire to go back to the way I was. No obvious changes to report this week other than being super efficient at work and at the gym. Continuing to focus on being a better person and getting rid of this PIED issue, although I want to complete at least 90 days without PMO before putting it to the test.

    One thing I am now realising is that the 30 / 60 / 90 day count can be misleading. I mean, what am I going to do when I hit these milestones, give up and go back to the way I was? Of course not. The 'porn is not an option' mentality is essential and you have to focus on living a life without PM from day one and bettering yourself each day rather than being obsessed with how long you've gone without. This is a new lifestyle choice not an abacus.
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    Keep it up man, very inspiring!
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    motivating me a lot! week 1 - 3: a mess, then improvements. Endure the pain, the good days will come.

    And when someone relapse he should go back on track asap! I believe that MO or PMO doesn't reset much of your progress if you manage stop after just one fap. (Not saying that would be ok, but I'm usually ruining it by binging or doing it again and again. Also how much porn I've seen seems to plays a role)
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    Be careful the urge will happens any moment so crowd your power
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    Congrats man! A definite inspiration for me.
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    Quick update. Now 42 days in and starting week 7 of NOFAP.

    First 3 weeks were a complete flatline, week 4 showed good signs of improvement and weeks 5 & 6 have been back into a flatline that I just feel like I'm coming out of.
    Morning wood has been back for the last couple of days - it won't go down so I can have a piss when I get out of bed and I could hang a towel on it for 20 minutes. This happened during week 4 and I then went back into flatline for another fortnight, so it remains to be seen if I'll continue undulating like this for a few more weeks.

    My dick continues to be a good inch longer when flaccid and it hangs proudly these days rather than looking like a shrivelled-up wrinkly courgette. During my last couple of morning erections, which are stronger than I can ever remember, my foreskin is incredibly tight and the head seems to pulse like never before and feels like it's gonna explode. It's a good feeling.

    Still no desire to PM but I'd kill for an orgasm. That said, I'm determined to hit 90 days without PMO before I act on any female signals and ask a girl out. Porn isn't an option in my life any more and if I want the orgasm I'll have to get off my arse and engage with a real woman. Being single means there's no temptation at home.

    Superpowers are continuously present. Some peope have written that these are either non existent or just inside your head, but that doesn't mean they're not real. Energy levels are amazing, I'm sleeping exceptionally well and I'm extremely clear headed and focused at work and at the gym. I continue to be more outgoing and social and female attention / flirting signals are blatantly apparent when I'm on the tram, at the gym and going about my daily business. I might just be more observant these days and be picking up on things that I wouldn't have before.

    I'd encourage anyone to team their NOFAP experience with regular gym sessions and solid nutrition as it's helping me immensely. Throw in some testosterone boosting foods and a zinc supplement to supercharge things. NOFAP has also given me the strength to give up or dramatically reduce other negative things in my diet such as alcohol, coffee and bread.

    This website and forum has been immensely helpful to me so far so I'll try to post more regularly as I push through to 60 and then 90 days to try and give something back.
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