A life of lust... since 3rd grad

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    Hello all,

    First of all, I want to say thank you for creating an environment like this. I was introduced to porn when I was in the 3rd grade from a friend. Around 5th grade I figured out what masturbation was. I am now a sophomore in college, and my life has ever since been full of lust and struggles with PMO.

    After a toxic relationship my senior year of high school, I arrived to college broken, and scared for what is ahead. Faith is near and dear to me and I desire ti have my Christian faith be the priority of my life and there is no room for the addictions that come with PMO. I am pursuing my faith passionately but am still struggling with this temptation. I turned to nofap after seeing a youtube video by LAWHF. I am excited to be a part of this community and cannot wait to get to know some of yall and walk with you.

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    Welcome aboard!

    It'll be hard (difficult) but you can do it!
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    Welcome: )

    Everybody is friendly here, don't hesitate to ask advices or just to say hello.
    Rebooting is for mind and body, read daily rebooting material!
    Wish you an interesting journey..

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