A long streak is harmful and means nothing

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    Counter :362 days no PMO, semen retention

    If you do it wrong a long streak is very harmful, if you simply are suppressing your sexual energy and holding your chastity and denying your sexuality this in the long run can make you more sexually deviant.

    A long streak means excesss energy, if you don't create sublimation or use your sexual energy, you just suppress it, it will explode some day it can be 3 years or 12 years. And meanwhile you become more tense, emotional, angry, NoFap fanatic, prideful because this energy has to go somewhere if you don't work with it, it goes to your negative side.

    Conclusion: don't supress your sexuality otherwise this energy will mess you up, use sublimation through spiritual practices, healthy relationship or the way you find it more suitable for you.
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  2. The Bible teaches wait until marriage so I do not believe holding it is bad for you at all.
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    I felt like I really need to reply to this one post.. I’ve been travelling for a long time and you know, when you’re a foreigner it is really easy for you to pickup local girls.. anyway, my point is, just last year I believe I’ve slept with more than 20 girls and no, by no means I’m proud of it.

    back then I was trying to validate myself and most of the times was only focused on my personal satisfaction rather than my partner. Pmo+ sleeping around with random girls really fucked up with me to the point where I couldn’t get it up with the last girl..
    I’m 28 and am on 13rd day only, the road is long but I won’t be going back anymore.
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    Please spread this message. So many of us Pmo addicts have ingrained in our heads the idea that somehow sex with a lot of different women validates us as men, while the opposite is true. I’m just coming to understand this, and I think a lot of it has to do with our guilt and shame of pmo ing in the past.
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    With all due respect, i don't think you got the point of his message. Hold your urges as a way to deal with them is one thing. To simply deny and repress what's inside you is completely different and harmful. This whole nofap/retention thing is about learning how to use what you have in your favor instead of throwing it away.
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    Giving love with your body to someone else is something wonderful. And even the orgasm is great. Feeling down after the dopamine rush is nothing bad either, because feeling down sometimes is natural. It's the confusion that sex without compassion just for the own, quick orgasm or dopamine rush is enjoyable, and without it life is shit. And to clear that confusion we have to overcome our addiction.
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  8. I'll flex that v-card for as long as I can
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    I needed to hear that. Thank you man
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    I did over 1097 days on No PMO. I can't agree with what you said.
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    You should still be interacting with relationships and romance to release your load during your streak
  12. What's your method on this regard ? I mean How do you channelize the sexual energy ? Isn't being productive and doing some mental activity and also doing physical activity enough for directing this energy ?
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    I made a thread about it

    Basically tantric/karezza type of sex or if you are celibate dan tien meditation focusing in a point 4 fingers below the navel and microcosmic meditation

  14. The title is misleading and there is nothing harmful in doing long streaks.

    For anyone wondering what will happen on longer streaks-

    The longer you hold your streak, the better will be control not only on yourself but also on other activities.
    And as for accumulation of sexual energy, only meditation, pranayama and brahmacharyasana(a yoga exercise) and your normal productive work can do wonders. If you have enough time then you can also try other yoga practices and other forms of pranayama.

    I see the title as misleading.
    1)Not everyone has got a partner to practice karezza and even mastering karezza is a time consuming task and requires a lot of practice and relapses.
    2) The advanced meditation practices you mentioned also are quite dangerous if not done correctly. Those meditation if possible should be done under the supervision of an expert. If someone tries this by seeing videos on youtube then it can cause more harm than good.
    3) The title can make newcomers believe there is a risk or no point going on longer streaks and their brain can trick them into relapses.
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    NoFap Defender

    I agree, the title is just a click bate. o_O And the rationale is just an individual point of view, with which I do not agree.
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    My Journal
    Agree with that,but its never harmful

    Even sir Isaac Newton, said- the way of chastity is not to struggle but to transmute that energy Through reading,meditating etc
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    what is everyones issue with the fucking bible, it means shit, a person needs to make a change for himself, not a made up cosmic enitity that doesn't exists.
    grow up
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  18. Are you not curious why so many people believe in it?, dont you think its weird how some people are willing to die for the faith?, All im saying is there is a world you do not understand and cannot understand without God opening your heart, seek him and he will reveal himself to you. If you do not even try then you have no room to talk.
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    You know, when I'm in long retentions I don't like to "channel that energy" if I have ever. Maybe just by dancing has it somehow served its purpose. But as for creative/still activities it just didn't work, I can do them but the urges never faded away.

    I hope it is, and that I am not just deceiving myself.
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