A long streak is harmful and means nothing

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by modern milarepa, Apr 28, 2021.

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    He is speaking that you have to spend this energy in other things(work, sports, studies, etc), so a catholic can do this too and wait until mariage.
  2. Nope, they are totally fine and can be done alone. Only advanced meditation practices that require focussing on certain chakra points and some practices that require circulating energy throughout the body require some expert supervision.

    That is really a hard task of finding a suitable guru/teacher. And that my friend you have to do that by yourself.
    I didn't mean to scare anyone.
    I only said the things on which I didn't agree with OP.
    I can only say don't blindly follow a guy on youtube who tells how to do yoga and meditation. Because the guys who make videos about such meditation they themselves have little knowledge about it. We are dealing with the circulation of energy here afterall.

    Some people report benefits within 15days, some may take months,depends on how you let your thoughts flow free and don't entertain them. If you are having trouble then try doing basic anulom vilom pranayama for atleast 5 minutes before meditation.
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    When you Reboot you can be free too, Masturbation is wasting your vital essence, Chi, Ki, Life Force. I hope you can confront this truth soon.
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    It is impossible to supress sexuality, but transmuting it yields great returns.
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    Words of wisdom.
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    I agree. This is the type of thing we should avoid in this community since unfortunately many guys only read the titles and their addicted brains then use this as an excuse to relapse.

    A better title would be "Sublimation over repression" or something like that.
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    It indeed means absolutely nothing, and suppression will only harm the spirit in the end.
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    That is a great point!!! So true....when I was on my 160 day streak, I could feel it, the frustration and the angst. I indulged in massage parlors after that for a long time...
    Does working out help in dissipating the excess sexual energy?? what are your thoughts?
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    Too fucking true, good point
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  11. That's why I'm focused on getting my masters and integrating into a culture by learning their language. I feel there's more dynamite into my learning when I remain chaste. But then again, I do have the privilege of there not being many dateable women in my area.
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    I couldn't agree more. Great post :)
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    There are people in the nofap community who say that making love is toxic. There are also people here who say that abstinence is toxic. I'm not really buying into any of these camps.

    In both situations I see rejection and denial instead of acceptance which is basically manifestation of fear. It's also isolation instead of integration.
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  14. I guess it depends on the person. I'd love to engage in the conjugal faculties at some point, but I'm willing to indefinitely hold that off if it means relying on my porn based edumacation to carry it out. I'm kind of scared of it coming to that, but at some point I'll make my peace with it.
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    I am making the same choices as you, abstaining indefinitely from all forms of the sexual behaviour. :)
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  16. Wrong.
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    I agree with this because I've had to suppress it in the past, but I've had to find some other ways to release the downfall of an explosion.. Maybe why we relapse is because we don't have a substitute for clearing this Sacral energy pathway thus it tenses up and builds into other emotions that linger inside us.

    @modern milarepa

    I highly suggest for you to read up on the Sacral Chakra which is entitled to what you're speaking of.

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