A Message to the World (8 months clean)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Aviator24, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. So what is your best books list? :)
  2. Homelander

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    Wauw, this thread helped me a lot.
    It will take me some time to process but i
    feel more mental strength moving forward on this hard journey.
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  3. Definitely worth my time and thank you so much, it's one of those masterpieces that we rarely come across.
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  4. Jimmylin

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    Thank your sharing.
    it is really useful,when I feel kind of lost,your article gives me a lot of inspiration
    and I can feel your words genuinely.
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    I have been relapsing almost daily (watching porn, masturbating) for the past year and a half. I tell people this and they find it hard to believe. I am an introvert, anxious, low self-esteem male trying to survive in an extrovertive, outgoing, party city that I'm living in now. It has been difficult to connect and find help. Your post is invaluable, honest. You have a powerful message to share with the world, and that is that you struggled and overcame. The war is not yet won, it is a life-long struggle, but you are on your way to claiming victory.
    Best of luck my friend, and thank you for sharing.
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    I just re-read this and it became even more powerful the second time around!! Thank you, @Aviator24 for this incredibly powerful and insightful post. Wow, man. Just.....wow. Thanks a million, my brother!!! Much love and here's to your continued success!!!
  7. Homelander

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    I'm also an introvert male (38) and was having a very low self-esteem until age 21.
    Many of my successful friends were extrovert and I always enjoyed hanging around those men and be more like them.
    Learn from them and maybe adapt myself into an extrovert outgoing person.
    But only later I realized this was a low resolution mindset that wasn't getting me anywhere.
    Of course I did the daily porn and masturbating thing which unknowingly pulled me only deeper into a mess.

    Looking back on my young years I have to admit I was such an idiot and wasted so much time and great opportunities
    to be with nice girls. What greatly turned my life around was getting into sports(running&fitness) and a healthy lifestyle.
    My self esteem boosted significantly and I was noticing so much more attention from girls.
    After this, things went fast with several girlfriends (also escorts unfortunately) and I ended up meeting my dream girl
    not many years later. Yeah, now you are wondering what I'm doing here at nofap?
    Well I got back into my porn addiction when my sex life turned sour and I tried to fill the void with this nasty habit again.

    Anyway, don't worry about being an introvert wanker, because it doesn't mean shit. I'm still introvert but very confident, outspoken
    and social. But, you should never ever waste your precious time with this destructive mindset, because its a lie and you can turn
    your life around the moment you realize this. Here, I can proof it to you right now:

    Alright, imagine there is an 80 year old sick man sitting in a retirement home alone with no family and friends, just looking
    back on how fucked up his life was and what great opportunities he missed out on.
    Now imagine that this old dying man is granted the possibility to swap bodies with your sorry ass.
    Do you think he would turn down the opportunity to be in your shoes at this very moment? Hell no!
    You would be stuck in a retirement home wearing his diaper and this old dude would live like a fucking king and not wasting
    precious time like you are doing right now.

    My point is, your insecurities are only in your head. You can turn your life around in a second, but you only have to wake
    yourself and be the man you want to be.
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  8. Hundred Eyes

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  9. Franzua88

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    I have been reading the forum for several days. It does me good because I am beginning a change in my very deep life where I want to leave behind negative habits, including PM. Many experiences served me as inspiration, but your text reached the deepest. Thank you for sharing, in a few months I aspire to feel your life experience in my own flesh. A hug. Sorry if the translation is not good, I am Argentine and my English is not good.
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  10. JamesChin

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    Thank you for sharing your experience.
  11. Thank you so much for this post! Believe me or not but I've read it all and I am more than ever inspired to change my life even more. Congratulations on your success and have an amazing day!
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  12. Randylobers

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    what an amazing story. Thank you for this inspiration. Your hardwork your struggles are now an inspiration to so many like us. All the best ahead
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  13. Cool1

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    Thank you for your post. I went back this forum as I've found my own way - today. All I focus on is today to avoid P stuff etc. I don't count days as it's not worth it. If you can make it today, there will be no day with it anymore.
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    Great post. I found support in it! (60 days today). Thanks and now looking forward for your update! Thanks again.
  15. One of the best reads I had here. I hope to be where you are one day and I wish you the best man.
  16. SuperiorMan95

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    This is awesome man. Very inspiring. So I'm assuming for now on your intention is to only O with women, no P & M basically right? Also do you try not to O with women too like by doing karezza/tantra?
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  17. Worth the read. I must definitely bookmark this. You have a way of explaining things in a very visual manner and a way many of us relate too, I was laughing the whole time reading this, because that's what we all experience as well. You should consider writing a book. Many people tell their stories but not many can share it like how you have done it.
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  18. UK Lad

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    I am really struggling.. I can’t seem to get past anything psychologically despite doing 400-700 days. Then a very very slight relapse without Touching but imagining ruins everything. I realised that early morning the mind is reset after praying the night before, then dreaming of it flattens the mood and causes fatigue.. ! So I go from waking up at 5 then sleep till 7 or 8. Of course body composition matters too I struggle with sciatica and really bad back pain and also have a posterior pelvic tilt. When going to the toilet the nerve if there is one from the penis when holding in water, it hurts really bad.. it shoots right up the spine etc has anyone else got this? It worsens with fap or when having erections etc life is so crap and terrible right now
  19. healmyself321

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    Thank you buddy for taking your time to share your story with us,it was very motivational to read it.Glad you made it and i know we are all going to do the same!
  20. Halyan2911

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    Thanks for the great forum. I'm on day 36 and I can really relate all the benefits you have discussed here. Whatever you suggested I am doing it already. The whole community is great. One day I'll write my own forum like this and will surely tag you. Thanks a lot man
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