A mistake that I made.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ecko, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Ecko

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    I decided to take a little peak on a website (can't list it, but it's like a comic cartoon porn website, you get the idea).. I wanted to see how the creator was doing on his artwork. And no, I didn't even orgasm. I didn't even touch myself. But the thing, I knew I purposely viewed it. And now, I feel crappier. Even though, I didn't masturbate or orgasm, none of that, I would still have constitute as a reset.

    Good long, bye, my 7 day streak. Honestly, in my opinion, the numbers are kind of arbitrary to me. I don't go on NoFap constantly, or check my days constantly (even though I have an app that counts my days).. It just something that'll help me along my journey..

    Take away message here, don't justify anything for a sexual release (unless it is transmutation, but eventually.. far into this NoFap streak.. transmutation is going to be so normal anyway that you won't even think about it). You looked at porn, even if you didn't touch yourself, you still set yourself back. The setback doesn't feel little to me. The setback is probably bigger than you realize even though it might not be as bad as watching to porn and ejaculating straight-up, or even worse edging a long time till orgasm.

    I still have some of the benefits of NoFap still with me, but quite honestly, it is kind of shriveled now. I have guilt in the back of my head for viewing pornography, in which is why I resetted.

    EDIT: I was on for a short time. I left the website in under a few minutes, because I knew this website was going to be a waste of time (edging and masturbating), completely take all my work, and I genuinely prefer to get real girls out there. Anxiety has gone down, and confidence has gone up. Thanks, NoFap.
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  2. TheWannabe

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    I'm a bit confused. What happened?
  3. Ecko

    Ecko Fapstronaut

    I resetted because I viewed cartoon pornography. However, it was short and I didn't even touch myself. Not that it is justifiable in any matter of using porn, but I'm glad at my decision to not escalating it even further.
  4. do babies go from crawling to running, no they crawl, start to walk, walk better, then they finally run after months and months of practice. look at your addiction the same way. can't expect to change so fast, your not a robot.
  5. Ecko

    Ecko Fapstronaut

    Yep, I know that change is a very slow process. Especially, with porn. Because the shape of your brain literally is changed by the neuropathways encouraged associated with it.
  6. Cesar

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    Well, you set the parameters of your reboot. If taking a peek at a cartoon website constitutes a reset on your book, then of course do a reset. The counter is just another tool in your reboot toolbox. It is here to help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, like not watch any more porn, not masturbate, rewire, heal PIED, etc...

    Just remember that the counter per se is not the most important thing here. What is really important is your journey towards your goal, your connection with yourself.

  7. reboot_in_progress

    reboot_in_progress Fapstronaut

    Do not feel guilty. Of course it doesn't help rewiring, but you aware of what you have done. And you avoided MO or edging during it, so consider it like a step forward.

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