A mix of angriness, loneliness and depression

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Plusjamais, Nov 13, 2020.

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    Here's another reason porn and masturbation are terrible, terrible.
    I have started myself at the age of 10. It is when my mental state got worse year after year. I was told to be - almost everyday - a bright kid, all smile, curious. All this fap has made it worse and made me a very angry and depressed teenager. I could have had a much better secondary school. I have been having these periods - lasting for two to seven days - of irrational susceptibility, anger and depression now and then for ever. My family or my friends could never realize why I would be suddenly so bad-tempered (hiding deep sadness). I have only realized a couple years back it has been because of orgasm linked to masturbation on pictures and porn. This shit is addictive and if you stop it, that's how you sometimes feel for months. At least how I feel...

    I'm on day 3 and I feel that very much. I had two friends here for the evening, I was a bit pissed off by one of them for some reason, and coinciding with my post-relapse feels, I felt sooooo lonely whereas I was with my best friends ya know. I didn't talk much, and wanted to kill myself really. Really. This shit is terrible.
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    It is the worst. There is nothing worse. Save you’re semen for everything your worth. Fight like you will die if you don’t because your soul will die within you if you don’t. Give up everything it takes, especially the internet. I don’t care if the internet burns. I don’t need it. Currently only have access to this website but wouldn’t care if I never used the internet again.
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    This helps thank you.
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    Reading that i almost felt you were describing my early days,i promise you that will go away, PMO really impacts your life a lot, congrats on 4 days keep going bro you got this!
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    Thanks a lot man.
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    It's normal to feel angry, lonely, and depressed. The withdrawal symptoms are always the worst when you first quit porn. It will get easier the longer you abstain, and then it will all seem worth it when you beat this terrible addiction!

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