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    Hello, people. I want to share you my story about the streak I've made. Personally, I was founding myself addicted to many things (there ain't no i.e.drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, I don't consume those, but i.e. coffee, fapping, social networks).
    But, it's a fap thing I wanted to talk about. I was trying to be abstinent consciously, for 2-3 times, but I failed. I've always turned to that short term pleasure I'd felt.
    I know there are benefits of masturbation, healthy physical benefits, but I was obsessed with porn films, more and more fetishes spawned in my mind, and let's not talk about how many pages I've looked looking for a perfect porn and loosing precious time.
    How did I manage this?
    Well, let's skip the benefits of NoFap, Google them, or read another topic, let's talk about experience.
    I was talking to a friend and we've reached a topic of masturbation, cause I was planning on doing NoFap, so I've brought it up. He has said some enlightening words about these stuff that I've probably knew, but then it found a way to reach me, people in my country would say, "It finally came from your ass to the head".
    Anyway, his words were: "It's okay to masturbate as a method of relaxation, but when you're doing it out of boredom, it's pathetic, you're wasting time."
    Then it came to me: "Oh, I'm doing it out of boredom."
    Besides that, I was also starting to feel more and more horny, slowly turning to one of those guys who looks where he will put his weenie and I was lowering criteria as the time passed. I didn't like that. I was feeling cheap, like I am kind of animal with primitive urges.
    Another problem is PIED, don't have the diagnosis, but I assume it's that. I'm a healthy person with more-less healthy lifestyle, physically. So more reasons to be determined about this.
    It was hard (pun intended), but I managed it to force myself with it.
    Now I'm thinking about should I break the streak and start over or should I continue this one?
    I'll write stuff I've noticed that changed:
    - More free time;
    - Less anxiety (depends on a time, though, there was/is a time where I want to do it so badly, but I'm fighting against it so it makes me anxious, but overall, less anxiety, yes);
    - No urges to be primitive male and to check out "every" female person that walks by;
    - More concentration...
    Here's also some tips I've applied :
    1. Take a calendar, physical one, not digital and write an X when a NoFap day passes successfully. No digital calendar could replace that satisfaction of marking something done with a pen on the end of the day, at least for me.
    2. Turn on site blocker, so when you want to visit that, reminder will remind you that you've blocked it.
    3. Whenever you have an urge, think about the streak you've made and that it would be a shame if you break it, and think about the cause.
    4. If you're using social networks excecivelly, turn them off.
    5. Some people say that cold showers help. I'm practicing it, but for other reasons.
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    Great stuff! Thanks!!
    And Congrats!!!!
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