A movie that will inspire you tremendously + make u cry.

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    Yesterday , i have watched this movie : The ideal palace. It is a french movie based on a true story.
    A simple man was ridiculed for investing his time to build a palace. The palace took about 33 years of hard work to be finished and it turned out to be a national treasure / tourist attraction.
    The movie made me cry too.

    One quote from the movie " You have to be stubborn to succeed."

    Do u have any suggestions for similar inspirational movies?
  2. Hi Di. Do,
    always remember that consensus is the mortal enemy of innovation and progress. None of the great religions came about as a result of conformity.
    They came about through stubbornness and a strong desire to do something different. As to your query, have you ever watched Gandhi? It stars Ben Kingsley in the title role.
    By steadfastly sticking to peaceful means he helps rid India of British rule. One man's single mindness and refusal to conform liberates his country!
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