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    I'll begin with the basics. Hello everyone, I am Decibel Auras. 26 years old virgin & a P.M.O. addict. I discovered M.O. (without P) when I was 11-12 years old, and this became my nightly thing for many, many years. Nobody really explained to me what was happening at the time, I just figured out that if I did this act long enough it felt good after a while. In my teenage years, doing this "helped" me through puberty. Or so I thought.

    As the years progressed, I never truly noticed how this "innocent" act I was doing was re-wiring my brain. I had myself fooled all along that P.M.O. was "good for my prostate," "most guys my age do this," etc. etc. etc.

    As I have mentioned before, I am a virgin. Which totally sucks, but being a virgin doesn't really matter to me. What REALLY aggravates me is I haven't even been on a date since high school, practically 8 years ago. Literally guys not even a cup of coffee with a lady. What REALLY aggravates me is I still, at 26 years old, have no clue how to talk to women. I guess I come off as "weird." I hate small talk to begin with & I am introverted. Being around women (especially pretty women) makes me incredibly nervous. Then I realize how weird I am acting, shut up more & it's a terrible snowball effect. I am relatively short compared to other men (around 5' 7") 135 lbs. & was a very "late bloomer" puberty-wise, things never really kicked in until I was in my mid-20's. I was kicked out of my house my senior year of H.S., and I have been in the low-wage workforce ever since. In my mind, women aren't attracted to low-wage average-looking working-class losers such as I. And I know, I shouldn't think that about myself, but the reality is most women want nothing to do with guys like me. I relied on my nightly fapping habit most of my life to counteract my awkwardness around the opposite sex.

    Alright, enough about my lady life woes. I got carried away there. My first glimpse into the world of NoFap was last November 2018, social media was abuzz about "No Nut November." I thought, "Wait, I thought it was No SHAVE November, who the hell came up with No Nut?!" As I fapped November away.

    In 2018, I was working two dead-end low-wage jobs all year and had a meager end-of-year salary on my tax forms. Something had to change for me. At the beginning of 2019, I worked on finishing high school (I only had one semester left to graduate, for crying out loud), graduated in late April, and in May I left my second job & started college (Computer Programming, something I had an interest in high school before I got kicked out, if anyone cares).

    I began reading about the benefits of NoFap in January, and was intrigued to say the least. Unfortunately, because of my heavy reliance on P.M.O. most of my early adult life, this act has become "rooted" into my brain & has been an incredibly difficult habit for me to kick. In my misspent youth, I was addicted to smoking cigarettes (I quit over two years ago cold turkey, for health reasons) & addicted to smoking pot (I stopped getting high last October). Hell guys, on April 15th of this year I became fully pescatarian (eating a strict vegetarian diet with fish for protein) no problem. I have overcome all of these obstacles, and yet this silly little P.M.O. habit I have has been by far the most difficult for me to stop doing.

    Since January, I have *unsuccessfully* tried quitting P.M.O. multiple times, my longest streak so far has been 11 days in February. ELEVEN DAYS you guys, that's pathetic! Most Fapstronauts on here have been going strong for YEARS, practically. Sigh. I know I am a P.M.O. addict, because when I relapse, I keep relapsing further & further (the Chaser Effect).

    I created my account today, in an effort to go 90 days fap-free with the help of my Fapstronaut friends. My official Day 1 was 6/30/2019 (not 6/29), now 7/1/2019 I am on Day 2. I just want to go 90 days with no P.M.O. in an effort to rewire my brain through neuroplasticity & rid myself of this last addiction I have. In all honesty, I believe that during my 90 day streak my brain will "click" & I might no longer even think about this habit of mine anymore. Could anyone verify this? Part of my issue in my previous attempts was me "counting" the days, which invariably reminded me of P.M.O., which caused me to relapse just by thinking about it.

    The first week of my streaks are fairly straightforward; once I get past a week things have been going south for me. This is why today, I have made my story public with my fellow Fapsketeers to help and guide me through my 90 days. This will be difficult for me, easier said than done.

    Thanks for reading my fellow Fapstronauts, I will check in daily to update my adventure. I will also check out other posts & see how this site works. I am going to bed now, I had a long day. (NO fapping!)

    Thanks for reading my long introductory speech!

    -Decibel Auras
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    - You can set up your day counter here
    - You can find the forum usage guide here
    - Here is we’re you will find a glossary of terms often used in the nofap community. Glossary
    - You can also find a guide to the basics of rebooting here
    - If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!
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    Hey! Disregarding circumstantial events I think the first few weeks are the hardest, especially 2-3 weeks into it. Then it gets a lot better (longer and longer streaks without cravings). I have reached 90 days one time during this last year (my first real attempt, completly alone though, no community) and I did feel a lot better. Especially if you're having problems with your self esteem, this will be efficient.
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    Thank for this brother.
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  5. Hey & Welcome to NoFap Community! :)

    You are in the right place for recovery here. We are so glad to have you with us to beat this addiction together.

    You can go read some Success Stories in the "Success Stories" section to learn more about the benefits of NoFap , get useful tips and ideas to help you in the reboot.

    If you have any question about rebooting, you can ask it in the "Rebooting" section.

    And I would recommend you to make your own journal in the "Reboot logs" corresponding to your gender & age to track your everyday progress.
    You can also join challenges in the "Events & Challenges" section, to keep yourself motivated and focused.

    You may start by checking the links below:
    Learn more about Rebooting.
    Forum Usage Guide.
    List of Rebooting Ressources.
    Glossary of terms used in NoFap community.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    -The Winner
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    Thank you everyone for the kind welcome! It is wonderful to be a part of a group looking for significant positive changes in their lives through self-abstinence.

    If anybody would like to check out my other post(s), I have started my daily log/thread in the 25-29 forum, "Decibel's Daily Log."

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