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  1. This is just a post that i will look back on 31st December, 2020,an year later from today, feeling proud that i have changed myself FROM an addicted and depressed individual to a very successful human being.

    FROM someone who is afraid to speak up his opinion in public to someone who conveys his ideas and thoughts with confidence.

    FROM someone who eats what and when he feels like to someone who regularly works out and always consumes a well balanced and healthy diet.

    FROM someone who wastes his time watching youtube videos and movies to someone who is focused on achieving his goals in life.

    FROM someone who isn't so sure about the meaning of his life to someone who has a sense of purpose.

    FROM someone who always procrastinates what needs to be done to someone who does not put up everything in the TO-DO list but finishes them right away.

    FROM someone who lies about every little things in life just to fit in among everyone else to someone who is not afraid to stand apart from the crowd.

    FROM someone who is writing this post, right after watching a movie, lying in his warm blanket, just killing time to someone who is busy building his empire and working hard on his dreams.

    So yeah, you won't get this post the next year .

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    Let Gooooo!!!
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  3. Day 1 update
    - hit the gym today after about a gap of 6-7 days.
    - took a cold shower and numbed myself LOL.
    - went to spend sometime in the sun, by the nature.
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    gym days man...can't beat that!
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  6. Day2 update: had some time left so thought making an update will be a good idea :)
    - went to my office as an intern today(newly joined)
    - spent the whole day planning about the project in the office.
    - no gym today , and no cold shower . LOL. I guess, not an issue, coz i am working on something productive.
    - will surely hit the gym tomm. and a cold shower tomorrow morning is certain.

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